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Global DS briefing and message from Dan Scavino to the world.

Published on 23.10.2022

Red October is there with all its revelations, you have seen it, Russia continues to clean up the Ukrainian DS, China has also just done its own cleanup with fine arrests to come of corrupt CCP DS in its ranks and Taiwan in sight, the Biden family’s US DS operated by Obama behind the scenes is being cleaned up through the corrupt FBI.

A very important month of November arrives there with the “MIDTERMS”, making the “ US DS Democrats“, who feel that everything is slipping away from them.

What are we left with? We still have the EU DS with Van der la “Hyena” at the top of the list and all her corrupt presidents of governments under her thumb, herself under the thumb of G. Soros, as well as her protege Albert Bourla (CEO of Pfizer) who are under attack from everywhere with the filing of a complaint, demonstration, in Germany against her, and worldwide too, because discontent is rising in Europe against them.

Slowly but surely, we told you, “nothing can stop what is coming”.

And by these facts, so it seems appropriate to show you one of the last “montage videos” produced by our American friends, but especially the great “Dan Scavino” former deputy chief of staff of the White House for communications and director of social networks between 2016 and 2021 for D. Trump, who shared it and who always explained the future to us through his photomontages and heralding videos, turning this in derision.

What does he show us in this video?

He shows us the final highlight of the film, because now all eyes will be on the USA.

Indeed, what will happen there?

Watch this heralding video below and you will understand that once Biden left the Game due to illness and even before Kamala Harris temporarily took over the presidency. If the US DS does not launch its last satanic FBI troops against the captain, and he arrives where he needs to be, we bet that the conflict in Ukraine will end within two months.

For our American friend Dan Scavinobelow is the new “Air Force One”. All is said. “The New Air Force 1”

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