Protesters clash with police outside the Iranian Embassy in London, UK. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Protesters clash with police outside the Iranian Embassy in London, UK.

Published on 25.9.2022

Never lose the thread of the articles on Iran posted online today, and the manipulation that the DS is doing to deceive you against this country, to understand read the two articles below on the subject and the third which explains why Iran disturbs.

Military on the move and troops sighted in England, London last night!

🇵🇱 Poland 🇬🇧 UK 🇩🇪 Germany So far, inexplicable movements are taking place in Europe.

Massive movements of American troops were noticed in Poland. In Britain, military forces have been spotted on Tower Bridge. In Germany, eyewitnesses report movements of the federal armed forces.

What’s going on here? The UN in the British convoy.

the “Iranian Maidan”this is the name we could give to this new business entirely set up by the DS, it’s up to you to read the rest below to understand. We know and know their method to destabilize a country, Ukraine with Maidan had been orchestrated in the same way on another subject. Take a subject and poison it with the people, the George Floyd method in the US with the BLMs, etc. Know that we are against the veil of women, but the explanation is not focused on the subject, but the usual method of the destabilization of countries, do not be mistaken as they want you to believe, remained on the method.

And finally Iran provides drones to Russia which works pretty well, see the article below, to understand that Iran is very disturbing, between nuclear for Israel and kyiv (USA/EU).

The perfect example of BLM shows us that all these cases are pure manipulation for personal, political or geopolitical interests, Mr. Bowers used the organization as his “personal piggy bank”.

👉 Black Lives Matter leader accused of embezzling $10 million in charitable donations.

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