members of Daesh and the Komala party arrested during the riots in Mazandaran. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Members of Daesh and the Komala party arrested during the riots in Mazandaran.

If you know, who set up and who is piloting Daesh, then for those who know, you understand this morning’s article on the subject, Iran: Israeli media, the USA are behind the recent riots in Iran, “unfortunately” aborted… and why not “Israel”.

Published on 25.9.2022

Various media reports that the Attorney General’s Office in the city of Sari in Mazandaran province in northern Iran arrested members of Daesh and the Komala party during the recent riots in the city.

And to add: the suspects will be handed over to the competent judicial authorities to be tried along with those who provoked and directed these disturbances. »

He reported that “450 people were arrested during the recent riots in Mazandaran province, and that “rioters attacked government sites and public property, dictated by the instructions of the enemies of the Islamic revolution”.

According to the prosecution, “the attacks committed by rioters against the police and security forces caused 76 injuries, not to mention a number of innocent civilians”.

Simultaneously, the public relations department of Imam Hassan Mujtaba, the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards in Alborz province, reported that “the arrest of riot leaders and rioters who violated security in certain areas of the city of Karaj and the city of Rajai Shahr”.

He explained that “a number of Karaj rioters were disguised as women and had Molotov cocktails in their possession”.

For his part, the head of Iranian justice, Mohsen Ejei, stressed during a visit to the police headquarters, that “a decisive agreement with the main elements of the troublemakers is necessary”.

He added : “Relevant people in the judiciary should carefully study the data on the ground before making judgments.”

The head of the judiciary also clarified that “the security forces and the police have suffered the most violent attacks during recent events, but the spread of lies and sedition has not weakened the determination and the will of these forces nor their tireless work to maintain security and stability”.

On the other hand, massive popular demonstrations took place in the streets of Iranian cities on Sunday morning in support of the regime in Iran and in opposition to the riots. The protests included several cities, namely: Mashhad, Shiraz, Qom, Gilan, Bojnord, Qazvin, Isfahan and Yasuj.

These protests came as a rejection of the riots, insults to sanctities and the Holy Quran, and attacks on public property, which took place in recent days against the backdrop of the death of Mrs. Mahsa Amini.

Two days ago, the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces issued a statement regarding the events in the country in recent days, warning “hostile organizations against attempts to sabotage stability”.

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