“Separating from Western hegemony”, Brazil and Algeria are boosting their defense cooperation. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

“Separating from Western hegemony”, Brazil and Algeria are boosting their defense cooperation.

Published on 23.9.2022

Sputnik reports that at the end of August, the Brazilian Senate ratified a defense cooperation agreement with Algeria, signed in 2018. This collaboration will allow the exchange of information between the two countries as well as the training of personnel and the acquisition of weapons , military equipment and weapon systems.

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By building relationships with BRICS, of which Brazil is a part, Algeria is also trying to “separate itself from Western hegemony”defense specialist Danilo Bragança, from the Federal University of Fluminense, told Sputnik.

“These include European countries with access to the Mediterranean, France, Spain and Italy, whose legacy materialized in the brutal colonization that led to the Algerian war,” he said. explained Mr.Bragança.

For the Latin American country, it is also “an important agreement that allows Brazil to enter a strategically important region: the Mediterranean, North Africa and Southern Europe”.

BRICS, “a larger global alliance”

The expert believes that the expansion of BRICS testifies to the transformation of its format: this group of five countries is transformed into a coalition which positions itself as “a larger global alliance”.

The fact that Algeria wishes to join the BRICS shows that this country is beginning to move away from Europe by strengthening its relations with China, Brazil and India.

“Algerian diplomacy is trying to establish new partnerships. The main topics for the coming years are the expansion of the BRICS, the displacement of the center of North African diplomacy, and even of the African continent as a whole, towards blocs closer to China and Brazil,” summarizes Mr. .Bragança.

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