Urgent, here is perhaps the response of September 24, 2022, an offensive in preparation by NATO against Russia and a shock response from Dimitry Medvedev. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Urgent, here is perhaps the response of September 24, 2022, an offensive in preparation by NATO against Russia and a shock response from Dimitry Medvedev.

URGENT: Military sources inform us that NATO is considering an attack against Russia, from Romania, on Crimea and Odessa through the Black Sea.

Published on 22.9.2022

According to flight monitoring from the Flightradar flight tracking portal, US “Black hawks” are heading towards Odessa.

US UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters heading to Odessa via Romania

Military sources inform us that NATO is considering an attack against Russia, from Romania, on Crimea and Odessa through the Black Sea.

Vladimir Putin is more dangerous than ever – New York Times

The Kremlin has signaled that if it seizes territory, Ukrainian counter-offensives in the east and south to seize territory liberated by Russia will be considered attacks on Russian territory that justify any level of retaliation, up to and including a nuclear response.

Putin’s talk about the use of nuclear weapons has exacerbated a dilemma for the West that has existed since the start of the war: how far can intensive military support for Ukraine go.

Romanians block passages for NATO equipment

The inhabitants of the village of Chinkshor, in Romania, are trying by all means to prevent the construction of a NATO military base. Now they have blocked the bridge on which the materials are transported with concrete blocks.

In Romania, residents blocked a NATO convoy

In the Brasov region, residents of the village of Cincșor blocked a bridge with concrete blocks on September 20, reports Euro Weekly News. This had the effect of stopping a NATO convoy transiting on this route. It was to transport construction material for a future NATO base.

The media specifies that the inhabitants are fed up with the incessant goings of the trucks. The local population, moreover, fears that the bridge will collapse. Indeed, this one was built to support vehicles of 12 tons maximum. If it were to be damaged, access to the other bank of the Olt River would be more difficult because very few bridges are nearby, hence the anger of local residents.

And here is Magadan: dispatch of the first conscripts.

Selection of personnel from many regions of Russia – from Yakutsk to Derbent, from Vladivostok to Anapa – with gatherings of citizens mobilized at the gates of military enlistment offices. Farewells to loved ones, promises of return and combative mood.

CCTV footage of an incendiary device attack on the Russian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada.

An unidentified marine unmanned vehicle landed on the shore of Sevastopol, Crimea.

The marine drone that washed up on the Crimean coast near the Russian base in Sevastopol has been identified.

This is a MANTAS T-12 UUV transferred by the USA to Ukraine.

The drone has extremely low visibility due to its small size. It can carry up to 63.5 kg of payload and is primarily intended for reconnaissance purposes.

With a maximum speed of 40 knots and a range of 60 miles, the craft resembles a remotely piloted marine kamikaze drone.

Powerful ‘FAB-500’ bombs are ‘partially mobilised’ and are heading to a Russian military airfield somewhere to be exploited in the war (NO LONGER SPECIAL OPERATION)

Apparently, the Ukrainian media nervously disseminate these images which makes fear the worst

Response shocks of DMITRY MEDVEDEV, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation :

“Various retired idiots with general’s stripes don’t need to scare us talking about a NATO strike in Crimea. Hyperdrive is guaranteed to be able to reach targets in Europe and the United States much faster”


“We are certainly approaching a major war. The question is to know where the borders are and if we are going to tip over in some time, perhaps in a month or two, in a major conflict on a world scale. – Serbian President Vučić

The President of Belarus, A. Lukashenko instructed the Secretary of State of the Security Council of Belarus to check all forces, from military units to people’s militia, so that they are ready to rise on alert according to the standards wartime.

Belarusian President Lukashenko has issued an agenda to begin preparations for the defense of the state by the standards of war!

Lukashenko also instructed the State Secretary of the Security Council to prepare a presidential meeting on state defense issues and to inspect all forces, from military units to people’s militia, so that – I quote – “ our troops are ready to intervene immediately in the event of an alert”.

We are in winter, the soldiers of yesterday will return to action in Ukraine. A few things are brewing.


“Belarusians have always thrived in alliance with Eastern Slavs, but in the embrace of the West they have always rotted.

In Kievan Rus, in the Russian Empire and as part of the USSR, Belarus developed.

And in the embrace of the West, we were dying, we were rotting. We have been robbed and destroyed as an ethnic group. »

Alexander LUKASHENKO, President of the Republic of Belarus.

Lukashenko – about military training in Belarus: “The situation is very serious. I would even say dangerous. And in no case should we make it easy for ourselves. Don’t be afraid of anything. We need to alert a military unit to wartime standards, so we have to”

“He’s a son of a bitch, sure, but he’s our son of a bitch.”

This is how Lavrov described the attitude of the West towards Zelensky at a meeting of the UN Security Council.

Following an exchange of prisoners, 55 Russian soldiers returned home!

Russia exchanged a total of 215 prisoners of war (of great value) for 85 Russians and, it seems, the former pro-Russian politician Medvedchuk, via the personal mediation of the Saudi MBS and the Turkish Erdogan.

Among the first group freed are the senior leaders of Azov and many of their subordinates captured in Azovstal.

In the second group, there are guys from the LDPR. No pilots (I doubt Ukraine still has captured pilots at this point). Not sure, but one can strongly suspect that this exchange freed the last Russian prisoners of war that Ukraine had (at least officially).

Can be a picture of 7 people, people standing and indoors

Among those exchanged would be foreign mercenaries arrested while fighting in the ranks of the Ukrainian army. The Moroccan mercenary Brahim Saadoun along with 9 other foreigners were released thanks to the mediation of Saudi Arabia.

Turkey would also have taken an active part in the exchange of prisoners which took place on September 21 between Russians and Ukrainians. The 5 senior Azov officers freed are currently on Turkish soil

Denis Prokopenko, the leader of the “Azov” battalion has regained his freedom.

It would seem that it was Saudi Arabia that played a facilitating role in the massive exchange of prisoners between Ukrainians and Russians.

This video shows the arrival of Ukrainian prisoners of war in Saudi Arabia earlier today. In exchange, Ukraine would have handed over Viktor Medvedchuk to Russia (pro-Russian politician/oligarch arrested for treason).

So 215 Ukrainian soldiers were released in what looks like one of the largest prisoner exchanges during this crisis. 108 fighters from the “Azov” battalion and other formations are among those who have regained their freedom.

And it would seem that commanders Kalina and Denis Prokopenko are among the released personnel.

On the other hand Anatoly Gerashchenko, former director of the Moscow Aviation Institute, died on Tuesday at the headquarters of the institute by falling “from a great height” on the stairs. His death is referred to as “mysterious” by Western media.

The FSB published the video of the arrest of a Ukrainian commando who tried to destroy in an oil and gas complex, the gas pipeline which supplies energy resources to Turkey and Europe.

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