Prince Andrew heckled during the motorcade and why he won’t wear a military uniform to the Queen’s funeral. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Prince Andrew heckled during the motorcade and why he won’t wear a military uniform to the Queen’s funeral.

Posted on 12.9.2022

Insider Paper reports that Prince Andrew will not wear a military uniform, unlike other members of the British royal family, at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, underscoring his continued estrangement from the family.

Prince Andrew military uniform
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Prince Andrew has been stripped of his title of ‘His Royal Highness’ and his honorary military titles earlier this year, amid the fallout from a sexual assault scandal.

The 62-year-old reappeared in public over the weekend after being banned from royal life following allegations he had sex with a victim of US child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

We already talked about it in this article below:

He was pictured being driven to the Queen’s estate at Balmoral on Thursday, the day of her death, and appeared alongside other grieving royals on Saturday and Sunday in Scotland.

While other family members will wear uniform at five separate memorial events for the Queen, including her state funeral next Monday, Andrew will only wear military colors for a final vigil in Westminster Hall, the statement said. British press agency Press Association.

Andrew was an honorary colonel of the Grenadier Guards, whose soldiers are part of the Household Division guarding Buckingham Palace with their distinctive bearskin hats and red tunics.

Often referred to as the Queen’s “favorite son”, he was accused of sexually assaulting in 2001 a 17-year-old girl who claimed to have been delivered to him by Epstein.

Andrew, who has denied the allegations, settled a US civil lawsuit over the allegations in February for an undisclosed sum.

Read also : Great Britain: When Nostradamus predicted everything? and the new “king”, “Prince Charles had turned to Jimmy Savile for public relations advice for the royal family, according to recently published correspondence.

Experts say King Charles III should make his younger brother’s royal exile permanent.

It’s unclear whether Prince Harry – who is also a non-working royal after moving to the US in early 2020 – will wear military attire at royal events this week and next week.

Harry is a former British Army Captain who served in Afghanistan.

He is the last member of the royal family to serve on the front line in a conflict zone since Andrew, who flew Royal Navy helicopters in the Falklands war with Argentina in 1982.

And he is not at the end of the journey either because:

NEW – Prince Andrew heckled by someone shouting ‘you’re a sick old man’ as the Queen’s coffin rolls down the Royal Mile.

“How Prince Charles got all his medals without fighting in a war”

These people don’t need to fight to get anything, like ordinary mortals


The Prime Minister has announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the immediate elevation to the throne of her eldest son, the Prince of Wales, under the reign name of Charles III. Ending with “God save the King!” » :

✔️ This reign name was not sure:

  • the British monarchs can adopt a first name of reign different from their usual first name (George VI was named Albert before being king)
  • a low-key debate took place, with some believing that the first name Charles brought bad luck in British history.

The two British Kings Charles (Stuart) were:

▪️ Charles I, tried and beheaded in 1649 by Cromwell’s insurrection
▪️ Charles II, his son, who had to go into exile for 10 years in France and the Netherlands.

⚠️ Refusing to see it as a bad omen, the Prince of Wales decided to call himself Charles III.

On the death of the queen, here is a video below how were the Anons on social media. #1776

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