After the death of Elizabeth II, this country no longer wanted to be a British subject, but to become a republic. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

After the death of Elizabeth II, this country no longer wanted to be a British subject, but to become a republic.

The problems known for a long time begin for the “New King” and Antigua and Barbuda is no exception to the rule, they will not be the only ones to ask to become a republic, because everything is planned for that, follow what ‘he’s going to arrive.

Be aware that once the Queen dies and the monarchy is handed over to Charles, it will cease to exist shortly thereafter. The royal family will be dissolved and this country will eventually become a constitutional republic.

Posted on 12.9.2022

Sputnik Reports that during his third day of reign, Charles III, head of the Commonwealth, received at Buckingham Palace representatives of the kingdoms which form part of it. The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, however, is considering a referendum to become a republic.

Charles III, King of the United Kingdom - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 12.09.2022

The new king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Charles III reigns over 14 other sovereign states, some of which are agitated by republican inclinations.

On Sunday Charles III received representatives of the Commonwealth realms in London. On the same day, the Prime Minister of one of them, Antigua and Barbuda, announced that he was considering a referendum on becoming a republic.

Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne poses for photo in this undated handout picture distributed to Reuters on January 25, 2022. Government of Antigua and Barbuda/Handout via REUTERS

Gaston Brown told British television channel ITV that this could be organized “within the next three years”.

Read this article below on the subject:

The last step on the road to independence

He indicated that this was not an act of hostility or disrespect towards the new monarch.

“This is the last step to complete this circle of independence, to ensure that we are truly a sovereign nation,” he explained.

Antigua and Barbuda proclaimed King Charles III as its new ruler on Saturday.

The Commonwealth is made up of 56 states, almost all of which are former territories of the British Empire. 15 of them are kingdoms whose monarch is also the head of state.

The others are 36 republics and five monarchies whose monarch is different.

On 12.1.2022 it was reported that, UK Republicans are planning a campaign to end the monarchy.

Anti-monarchy group ‘Republic’ is launching its ‘Not Another 70’ campaign, calling for an end to the historic institution as preparations are underway to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne. (NY Post)

“While a vocal minority will want to celebrate the Queen’s 70-year reign, we all need to start looking to the future. The prospect of King Charles is not a happy one, and there is a good democratic alternative,” a Republic spokesman said.

Polls suggest that Elizabeth herself is hugely popular among Britons. However, heir to the throne Charles is not as supported by the British public.

Oh, and all that Prince Andrew stuff…

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