The ex-boss of GIGN and 18 other defendants tried in a case of leaks and influence peddling. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

The ex-boss of GIGN and 18 other defendants tried in a case of leaks and influence peddling.

And this kind of character, always totally above everything, living in the stratosphere of laws, comes to give lessons as a consultant on all TV sets… #Prouteau

Published on 11.9.2022 by Pierrick BAUDAIS (with AFP).

The Ouest France newspaper reports: A star crook, an ex-director of the PJ, the ex-founder of the GIGN, an ex-secretary of state… At the trial which opens in Paris this Monday, September 12, 2022, several personalities will be seated on the bench defendants in a case dating from 2014.

Christian Prouteau, ex-boss of the GIGN, is one of the nineteen defendants of this trial. | ARCHIVES

It’s a case of leaks, with drawers, stringy as are the stories mixing a crook, police officers and an ex-figure of the forces of order, without forgetting a politician… It is this knotty affair that is is preparing to judge the Paris Criminal Court, from Monday until October 7. Nineteen people will be tried there.

Everything starts with Christophe Rocancourt, 55, known for scamming wealthy Americans in the 1990s, in Hollywood and New York. He has been convicted many times, notably in Switzerland, Canada and the United States. In France, in February 2012, he was sentenced to 16 months in prison, eight of which were closed, as well as €578,000 in damages for abuse of weakness to the detriment of director Catherine Breillat.

In this case, he is notably suspected of having tried, in the spring of 2014, with his former lawyer, to regularize, in return for payment, two Moroccan women without papers. For this he would have requested the intervention of the former head of the GIGN Christian Prouteau and the ex-Secretary of State Kofi Yamgnane.

Christian Prouteau: a paid intervention?

Christian Prouteau, 78, who founded the prestigious National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) in 1973, but who was also convicted in the Elysée wiretapping case, confirms having intervened with the prefect of police of Paris for this matter of regularization. When you’re at a certain level, people think you can help them solve problems they can’t solve on their own. I can tell you that I have solved many of them and I am proud of having done so.​, he told investigators.

Yes, but did he render this service free of charge or did he receive €2,500 for it? For free, supports the former policeman and prefect. And if he mentioned the sum of €2,500 with Christian Rocancourt by SMS, it was because he had made the latter an advance of €5,000 in 2011 ( “star scammer” then having to buy a watch from a friend). Three years later, in 2014, Christian Rocancourt would have simply offered to reimburse half of this advance. For Christian Prouteau’s intervention with the prefect of police, it was about giving him the restaurant, not giving him cash​, certified Christian Rocancourt to the unconvinced judges.

Kofi Yamgnane: why €3,000?

Still concerning the case of these two Moroccan women, this time it was Christian Rocancourt’s lawyer, who intervened with Kofi Yamgnane, 76 years old today, former Secretary of State for Integration between 1991 and 1993 in socialist governments, and former mayor of Saint-Coulitz in Finistère. The lawyer allegedly encouraged one of the two Moroccans to hand over €3,000, at the start of 2014, to Kofi Yamgnane so that he could intervene on their behalf with the Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve. What the former Secretary of State strongly denies: Indeed, he sent me a copy of an appeal so that I could go and see the minister. But I never saw him. In fact, I never made it clear to him that I didn’t want to see the minister on this matter. And he kept bothering me​, said the former Franco-Togolese elected official during the investigation.

Why then did you accept the sum of €3,000 from the hands of one of the two young Moroccan women? For the financing of his electoral campaign in Togo, assured Kofi Yamgnane to the judges. But the investigating magistrates strongly doubt it. During her hearing, the young Moroccan woman had indicated that she had handed over this sum of €3,000 at the request of the lawyer who had explained to her that the former Secretary of State was going to help her.

For influence peddling, Kofi Yamgnane faces up to five years jail and a €500,000 fine.

Did the ex-director of the PJ remain silent?

It was this first case, also involving the partner of Christophe Rocancourt and a notary, which led to the appearance of a second case, involving the man who was then at the head of the prestigious 36, quai des Orfèvres: Bernard Small. This former regional head of the Judicial Police is suspected, like his chief of staff at the time, of having violated the secrecy of the investigation by informing Christian Prouteau, via an intermediary, on the procedure which targeted him, even before his custody in October 2014.

During the investigation, Bernard Petit always denied having provided any information on Christian Prouteau to this intermediary, a police officer whom he had known for a long time. Only this intermediary maintained that the boss of the PJ had indicated to him, on October 6, 2014, that Christian Prouteau was going to be heard under police custody. By indicating some elements of the file.

A liar and a manipulator​, according to Bernard Petit, who believes that his accuser would have acted out of resentment​, accusing the ex-boss of the PJ of not having helped him enough when he was in difficulty. Bernard Petit faces up to three years in prison.

Following his indictment, Bernard Petit, like a great policeman full of righteousness, had been sacked by the Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve, February 6, 2015.

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