General Flynn discusses the possibility of serving again under a second Trump administration. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

General Flynn discusses the possibility of serving again under a second Trump administration.

Posted on 11.9.2022

General Flynn: “I raise this question because… I really believe he [le mouvement QAnon] is a type of government campaign. Maybe it’s done by… ultra-governmental organizations, you know, working on its behalf….. It’s something I can see our government – ​​and they’re going to go crazy about it – but I can see our government, you know, somewhere, at some level, put something like this in place, but branch it off from the government and put it in another body. »

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General Flynn discusses the possibility of serving again under a second Trump administration. “There’s a set of people inside the US government — inside the security state, in particular — who don’t want Mike Flynn back in a position that has some sort of ability to look under the carpet, so to speak. »

CAT: “Flynn may seem to denounce it as a ‘psychological operation’…
But I don’t think what he’s explaining is necessarily a bad thing.

If Q’s or ‘Qanon’s’ goal was a Security Bolshevik Deep State ‘Trust the Plan’ 2.0, I feel like they’ve done a pretty terrible job.

How many of us started to “wake up” much earlier than we would have because of the drops of Q?

The plot of it all, the research we started to do, the dots to connect…it laid a solid foundation for us to wake up to…now ‘Local Action, National Impact’ gets us moving.

Start THINKING a certain way…then you will Act a certain way.

Flynn himself talked about digital soldiers. He took an oath and encouraged us to do so.

When he talks about seeing how he could have been branched off ‘from the government to another body’…to me, that sounds like HUGE PROOF of what exactly Q is…” -CAT

Michael Flynn: Republicans must battle for a landslide victory over Democrats in November

9/11, 2001 as it happened

21 years ago, on September 11, we now know what you did, we will never forget. To all those innocent souls who lost their lives, may they rest in peace

Just to clear things up for some people: Q IS a psychological operation.

But Q is a white psyop operation that was designed to inspire people to think for themselves and fight the mainstream discourse.

Q’s main mission was already accomplished. There is now an army of people digging into the elite and exposing corruption like never before.

According to Sun Tzu, all war is based on deception. That means a lot of your favorite white hats aren’t always going to say all they really mean because they’re currently engaged in warfare.

They are not stupid. And neither do you. You just saw Trump playing the song I am Q and WWG1WGA behind his speech. He gives us enough to encourage us, but he is still in the battle.

One day, perhaps, we will see full public justification. The Anons were right about Q and so many other things. But until that day comes, don’t let yourself be too shaken up by the psychological operation. Focus on what God is telling you and your instincts. The fog of war may be thick, but we are getting enough bread crumbs to keep moving forward. There is no turning back. Only the future. The world wakes up and a “psychological operation” plays a major role.

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