Gaz, Medvedev accuses Germany of having “declared a hybrid war against Russia”. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Gaz, Medvedev accuses Germany of having “declared a hybrid war against Russia”.

Published on 6.9.2022

RT reports : “German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says that ‘Russia is no longer a reliable energy supplier’.


  • a) is a hostile country
  • b) imposed sanctions on the entire Russian economy and its citizens
  • c) provides Ukraine with lethal weapons directed against our armed forces”, said Dmitry Medvedev in a post on Telegram on September 4.

“And this guy[Olaf Scholz] is surprised that the Germans are encountering small problems with the gas”, continued ironically the one who is now vice-president of the Security Council of Russia, adding that Germany had thus “declared a hybrid war against Russia and thus behaved like an “enemy”.

A message as a detailed response to the head of the German government, which comes as relations between Berlin and Moscow, already weighed down by the Russian military operation in Ukraine, were further strained after the suspension of deliveries to Berlin via the North gas pipeline Stream.

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“Russia is no longer a reliable energy supplier […]

The federal government has been preparing for this eventuality since the beginning of the year,” Olaf Scholtz declared on September 2, explaining that thanks to the diversification of supply sources and the filling of gas stocks, the country was in a position to face a prolonged shutdown of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

The same day, the Russian gas giant Gazprom had indeed announced the total suspension of deliveries after explaining that an oil leak had been detected on a turbine.

Europeans have ‘absurd’ management of gas crisis, says Peskov Members of the European Union, who support kyiv, believe that Moscow is using this pretext to subject them to energy blackmail as winter approaches and that several countries fear shortages.

The Russian authorities, for their part, accuse European leaders of being responsible for the difficulties in delivering gas, affirming that the sanctions taken against Moscow are precisely responsible for having deprived the Nord Stream gas pipeline of equipment ensuring its proper functioning.

European leaders have an “absurd” management of the gas crisis, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov on this subject on 4th September.

“These politicians are causing their citizens to die of strokes when they see their electricity bills” exploding, he quipped.

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