Nabih Berri, Lebanon will defend its gas and oil with all its capabilities… and we will not wait forever. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Nabih Berri: Lebanon will defend its gas and oil with all its capabilities…and we won’t wait forever.

Posted on 1.9.2022

Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, and leader of the Amal Movement, Shiite ally of Hezbollah, Nabih Berri, said on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the disappearance of Imam Moussa al-Sadr – founder of the Amal Movement, disappeared in Libya under the reign of the late Muammar Kazafi, that “every cubic meter of gas and oil, not counting our maritime borders with occupied Palestine are usurped, violated by the Israeli occupation. »

Mr. Berri stressed that “the ball is now in the court of the American negotiator, and we will be there to defend our water as we defended our land”.

Mr. Berri also indicated that “the American mediator in the file of the demarcation of the maritime borders between Lebanon and occupied Palestine, Amos Hochstein, had not returned to Beirut for a month, underlining: “Let no one bet on our patient is waiting, we will not wait indefinitely. »

Mr. Berri noted that “Lebanon will defend its borders, its land, its gas and its oil with all its capabilities, as it has defended on the ground level”, explaining that “Lebanon is going through the worst and most dangerous stage it has known in its history, even some manage it with a mentality of wickedness and anger. »

Mr. Berri added: “Anyone who bets on a dispute between the Amal movement and Hezbollah is delirious and deluded. »

I encourage a national roundtable that will lead to an agreement on future benefits

The Speaker of Parliament also declared that “Lebanon has started its first day of the constitutional deadline to elect a President of the Lebanese Republic”, adding “it is not legitimate to give in to certain malicious wills which seek to plunge the country into a vacuum vortex.

As part of his speech, Berri explained that “the current parliament has the task of saving Lebanon”, calling on “the deputies to be heard to carry out the constitutional requirements in time”.

Berry said: “I encourage the holding of a public meeting which will lead to an agreement on the future benefits, and we will vote for the personality who believes in the Arabness of Lebanon, who believes that the Zionist entity is the enemy of Lebanon , which unites and does not differentiate, and which has a national identity, not a defiant personality. »

The Palestinian question is at the heart of our movement and its spirit

The Speaker of the House of Representatives also addressed a number of Arab issues: “We renew our commitment to the question of Palestine which is at the heart and mind of our movement, and we will stand with our Palestinian people in their struggle. »

Regarding the Israeli attacks on Syria, Mr. Berri hammered home: “We affirm our refusal to exploit our skies and waters as a launching pad for an attack on Syria by the Israeli enemy”, insisting on “Lebanon’s support for Syria in its confrontation with terrorism, and attempts to seize its resources and lands.

As for Iraq, the speaker of the Lebanese Parliament indicated that “we appreciate Iraq for having supported Lebanon in all its stages”: “We appreciate Iraq’s role in the negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and we hope that the two brotherly countries will manage to restore relations between them.”

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