Magnificent, here is a funny goodbye, E. Macron leaves Algeria escorted by four Russian-made hunters. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Magnificent, here is a funny goodbye, E. Macron leaves Algeria escorted by four Russian-made hunters.

Posted on 1.9.2022

After a trip to Algeria under high tension, where he will notably have been heckled by the Oran crowd, Emmanuel Macron left the country on a more positive note. The Airbus which brought the French President back to Paris was indeed escorted by several Algerian air force fighters.

Small problem however: the four aircraft were all Russian-made. It was indeed Sukhoi Su-30, Ufunny coincidence when Emmanuel Macron had strongly criticized in recent weeks the weight gained by Russia on the African continent.

Accompanying E. Macron during his official visit to Algeria, which lasted three days, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Catherine Colonna, did not fail to show her satisfaction with the progress and results of this visit, on her Twitter account, the head of French diplomacy, obviously knowing nothing about planes, as she also hailed the squadron of algerian russian su-30 fighter jets, escorting the plane of the french president, leaving algerian airspace on saturday, the image is rather unusual and beautiful, but says a lot about the Algerian military purchases, to ensure the protection of its airspace by its Russian and non-French type aircraft, thank you Mrs. Colonna for having made this clear to us.

A photo that she could have avoided taking in public as the message is crying out for Russia’s international superiority. She also does not fail to write: “And after the signing of the Algiers declaration by the two Heads of State, this exceptional gesture of an escort for the plane of the President of the Republic leaving the airspace Algerian at the end of his visit”.

This funny honor was nevertheless greeted by Catherine Colonna, French Minister of Foreign Affairs. The manager congratulated herself for an “extraordinary gesture” on Twitter.

While during this time in Algeria precisely, this is what was really happening, watch the full video below, poor Josiane completely in denial and in the west too, what voluntary blindness or not, but it’s in that he is well advised Macron. Blinding, infantilizing and manipulating people, here is their permanent credo:

Gas, Sahel and ankara anger

Visiting Algeria to try to warm up diplomatic relations between the two countries, Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity above all to try to negotiate further gas exports.

The land of fennecs represents 8% to 9% of French gas imports, but deliveries could increase sharply. A 50% increase is credible for natural gas and LNG, a member of the executive recently reported to BFM TV.

Emmanuel Macron also hopes to obtain Algerian aid in the Sahel, while the French army has just withdrawn its last soldiers from Mali. But Paris has little in return to offer on this issue, while Algiers is following its own agenda, Akram Kharief, security and defense expert, recently explained to Sputnik.

The French President’s visit was not, however, without controversy. The Head of State particularly complained about the new role of China, Russia and Turkey in Africa during this trip. Remarks which in particular provoked the anger of Ankara, which sent Paris back to its “colonial past”.

Source : With Sputnik

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