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Resumption of fighting in Baghdad, 23 dead since Monday.

Published on 30.8.2022

We explained the situation yesterday in the article below:

Fighting resumed Tuesday in Baghdad, where 23 Iraqis have been shot dead since Monday, according to a new report provided by a medical source.

At least 380 people were injured in the violence in the Green Zone, an ultra-secure perimeter, according to this source.

After a quiet night, fighting between supporters of Moqtada Sadr on one side and the army and security forces on the other resumed with renewed vigour.

The firing of automatic weapons and RPG rockets echoed throughout Baghdad from the Green Zone, AFP noted.

The Green Zone of Baghdad sank into chaos, after the political “withdrawal” of Moqtada Sadr, a coup announced on Monday by the Iraqi leader giving free rein to his supporters.

According to a security source, the Peace Brigades, an armed group under the orders of Moqtada Sadr, were targeting the Green Zone from the outside. Inside were army special forces fighting back.

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The Green Zone was notably targeted by mortar shells, of which at least seven fell within this perimeter, continued this source, without being able to provide an assessment.

Iraq has been in a political stalemate since the October 2021 legislative elections, but the situation suddenly degenerated on Monday when thousands of supporters of Moqtada Sadr invaded the Palace of the Republic where the Council of Ministers sits, in the Zone Green.

While the Sadrists took over the offices, the security forces tried to disperse other demonstrators with tear gas canisters at the entrances to the Green Zone, a security source told AFP.

During the night, the curfew introduced earlier in the day seemed to be respected in Baghdad. The usually bustling streets were empty of any cars or passers-by.

But the chaos spread to other Iraqi regions: in the province of Zi Qar (south), Sadrists invaded the seat of the governorate and entered other official buildings in Nassiriyah, according to an AFP journalist.

The seat of the governorate of Babylon (center), in the city of Hilla, was also occupied by supporters of Moqtada Sadr, witnesses told AFP.

For nearly a year, the political barons have been unable to agree on the name of a new prime minister. Iraq therefore has neither a new government nor a new president since the legislative elections.

To get out of the crisis, Moqtada Sadr and the Coordination Framework agree on one point: a new early election is needed. But if Moqtada Sadr insists on dissolving parliament first, his rivals want to appoint a government first.

In the evening, the Coordination Framework condemned “the attack against state institutions”, while calling on the Sadrists for “dialogue”.

For his part, Moqtada Sadr “announced a hunger strike, until the end of the violence”, indicated an official of the Sadrist movement on social networks.

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