“They want to make my grandson a girl”, demonstration in Belgrade against Europride. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

“They want to make my grandson a girl”, demonstration in Belgrade against Europride.

Published on 29.8.2022

RT reports us : Thousands of people, led by Orthodox priests, monks and nuns, marched through the streets of Belgrade, Serbia, to protest against the Europride parade due to take place in the country on September 17.

Thousands of Orthodox faithful marched on August 28 in Belgrade to warn against the possible holding of “Europride”, despite the decision of the authorities to cancel this gathering of the LGBT community scheduled for September.

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Carrying religious icons, crosses and banners, thousands of Orthodox worshipers marched through downtown Belgrade and gathered in front of Saint Sava’s Cathedral, to express their strong opposition to the possible holding of the LGBT community rally “Europride “, despite the announcement by the authorities of its cancellation.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced on August 27 that he had decided, in consultation with the government, that this march, organized as part of a major annual pan-European event scheduled for September, would be “postponed or cancelled”. He explained that it was not possible to “manage everything” at a time when Serbia is facing a “difficult crisis” in the breakaway province of Kosovo.

The march maintained by the organizers

But Marko Mihailovic, a coordinator of Europride scheduled in Belgrade from September 12 to 18, said: “The march will take place as planned on September 17”. Speaking on August 28 in front of the crowd, Bishop Nikanor of the Serbian Orthodox Church welcomed the decision to reverse what he called “a desecration of our country, our Church and our family.”

The bishop said, according to images broadcast on the Glas Javnosti news site, that the faithful were ready to take to the streets again to “put themselves in front of those who will intend to destroy the values ​​of Serbia”. The first two Belgrade Pride Marches, in 2001 and 2010, were marred by violence. The parade has been organized regularly since 2014 but with a large presence of law enforcement.


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