From the Places d’Armes site: DECLINE, DECADENCE, COLLAPSE… THE END?

Published on 29.8.2022

Place-d’armes-idf reports : “I am thinking of our people, who will need the strength of soul to look the coming time in the face to resist uncertainties, sometimes ease and adversity and, united, agree to pay the price for our freedom and our values ​​”. E.Macron

What prose! what lyricism! What style !

Friend, compatriot, white, yellow, black, brown, hetero, homo, gender neutral, right-wing, gaucho, centrist, extremist, progressive, conspiratorial, secularist, Catholic, Muslim, Islamist (pleonasm), Jewish, rural, urban, rich, poor, student, unemployed, get ready! or rather prepare your wallet and what’s left of it.

Times are hard ? Come on… what are you complaining about? you come back from vacation, tanned, rested, sated, your mind as light as your paunchy body is greasy, alzheimerized with pastis or coke, it depends, you the man of the 21st century, lobotomized, hanounanized, internetized ass, footballed all year round, you have “this fortitude to watch the weather ahead”, that’s for sure; your finesse of analysis borrowed from the great gossip, your sheepish judgement, your drunken conclusions of counter pillar will allow you, it is certain to “resist uncertainties”; as for “ease and adversity”, don’t you face it every day by collecting the obol that the State, in its great leniency, grants you in return for your cowardice and your silence.

So why would you rebel if your master asks you to accept paying the price for your freedom and your values?

The country is cracking everywhere? You look away…

Are your values ​​chopped up with a progressive grinder? You look away…

Your family ? decomposed, recomposed, broken, individualized, lost… You look elsewhere…
The job ? to do what…

Your life ? you liquefied, dematerialized, disembodied to end up evaporated in this ethereal universe of the internet. You have the consistency of a rabbit’s fart.

The state allows itself everything. He dares and that’s how we recognize him, Audiard would have said; he would be wrong to deprive himself of it. You say nothing, too busy watching your likes and emptying your little mind with a TikTok video where the banality of other people’s lives fills your despair.

Manu, he understood that. He allows himself things for a President.

“Accepting the price of your freedom…”
The price?, it is indeed a financial language, that.
What price ?

Taxes ? it was not necessary to wait for the pure COVID crisis to realize that they are of little use except to make those who are beholden guilty and to glorify those who escape them. Taxes are democracy, some say except when it is always the same people who pay them or avoid them.

Your silence ? almost anything and everything can happen in France today without it moving anyone: assaults, rapes, urban rodeo of our dear little suburbanites-apologized-for-everything-because-it-is- anyway-not-their-fault, cars flamed in the momo-style of 9-3 in the event of a rebellion by the dwarf of the Interior, desecration of a church, embezzlement of public money-which-comes-from-everyone- world-but-which-ends-up-in-the-pocket-of-a-few, karting between VIP convicts and so on… Shut up and you’ll be free!

By the way, what freedom are we talking about? What is it to be free?

Freedom of expression ? damn, you don’t even use it. It seems that freedom of expression only wears out if you don’t use it. You are so economical with it that it no longer exists.

Freedom of thought ? Oh, you have to think, it takes an effort, search, document, exchange, analyze, phosphorate while buried in the sofa, remote control in hand, bottle and chips in the other, ready-to-consume television feeds your appetite for emptiness intellectual through reality TV that is ever further removed from your real life.

“Accepting the price of your freedom…”

I believe I have paid enough. And then my freedom, I’ve put it behind my ear since the COVID crisis, this beautiful crisis that came at the right time, this life-size experience on the conditioning of the human species, on the ability to accept everything and its opposite without a frown.

It will be necessary to rack. Our children will have to rave. Our grandchildren will have to rack up.

The sorcerer’s apprentices, all fed up with the progressive ideal, convinced us from the top of their mediocre youth of the validity of their inexperience. The youth in power is our end.

There is one word that still stands out. Only one, powerful, deep, and yet forgotten by many: “united”.

Yes united, everything can change.

United, we will redefine new connections, real ones.

United, we will express our sovereignty without which there is no freedom. United, we will thwart individualism, the segmentation of our personalities, the marketing of minds that are so effective in dividing us, weakening us.

United, we will exist and reclaim our values ​​lost in macronism.

People of France, wake up!

To protect and serve with honor.

Thank you for your support !



Regional Manager PA IDF

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