Is the end of opulence announced by Macron the one observed in Italy? Hungry Italians at the food bank to collect bread and milk in Italy’s economic capital. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Is the end of opulence announced by Macron the one observed in Italy? Hungry Italians at the food bank to collect bread and milk in Italy’s economic capital.

Here is Europe and its future desired by the Mondialists who are among others Dragui and Macron in the lead, pushed by the guru of Davos klaus Swchab “You will have nothing left, but you will be happy”soon in France, here is the organization, hidden by the mainstream media that is unfolding before your eyes, that of the ” great reset » starting with: food, material or fossil shortages, starving people, seizure of goods, then universal income, all under the electronic surveillance of globalist QR Codes and BigPharma to finish you off in case you don’t agree, the plan is currently unfolding before your disbelieving eyes, but beware, we are plotters!!!! The future will prove us right and you will be judged.

Published on 29.8.2022

Lines at the food bank in Milan, Italy’s richest city, are getting very long… (Inflation in food prices is pushing families to the limit).

Here is the Italy of Mario Draghi, and the preparation is underway for France by Micron first ” Young Global Leader“.

Hungry Italians impoverished by Draghi’s Italy line up for a loaf of bread and milk, those who still think the past two and a half “Worth it” will soon be taken aback by a more than disturbing awakening.

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The situation is serious, look at the image from the beginning the door to the “number 28” registered “Daily Bread”Daily bread.

The worst, as we have been telling you for more than two years, is that they HIDE NOTHING!! Everything is written !!!

Cristian Terhes, Member of the European Parliament: “Clearly what we’re seeing right now is the chinafication of Europe, what’s happening in China with social credit scores and we’re seeing the same system being implemented right now under the leadership of ‘Ursula Von Der Leyen’. China of the Chinese CCP.

2020: WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: The CovidPass, became CommonPass

For traveling :

  • “Users will undergo a blood screening” at a COVID Pass approved lab before receiving a secure QR health visa code with their phone. CovidPass uses blockchain technology to store encrypted data from individual blood tests.
  • This Pass “commits to mandatory carbon offsetting for each of its users. »

👉 Link World Economic Forum or WEF in English.
👉 Official Link, Twitter, WEF
👉 Commons Project “is a public, nonprofit trust, established with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, to build digital services for the common good.”
👉 Bloomberg talks about it

👉 Watch the Video below of Euro MP Cristian Terhes and the other which denounces the Chinese Social Credit, which occurs in a “segmentary” way

Here are the EU Total Digital Surveillance projects.

Analysis, gas and oil. The cost of gas this week exceeded $3,500. But Italy wins in the race for Algerian gas, coveted by Europeans,

The joint gas purchase projects mentioned in the spring by Brussels and the French EU presidency have remained in limbo.

“The Italians conducted the negotiations very well” greeted Francis Perrin, researcher at the Policy Center for the New South in Rabat. 516419508/Fly Of Swallow –

Attempts by the EU to increase alternative supplies of blue fuel have so far come to nothing. German Chancellor O. Scholz could not get an agreement on deliveries from Canada, and Norway refused to reduce the price and sell the market price, which in winter, according to analysts, will exceed $ 5,000 , making the European economy totally uncompetitive. Moreover, Algeria, on which the French relied so much, declared that it would not be able to supply a volume of gas commensurate with Russian supplies.

Things are not going any better on the oil side. The entire “free world” was counting on a deal with Iran, which would increase the supply of oil to the market and bring prices down at least slightly from their peak levels. But the Saudis have already promised that if there is an increase in oil exports from Iran, OPEC+ will cut supplies by the corresponding volume. Thus, oil prices will remain at a prohibitive level, which will continue to accelerate inflation in Europe and the United States.

And if the United States has its own reserves, although a significant part of them has been thrown into the market in the last 150 days to curb inflation, then the EU has no reserves and, as we see, there is no way to replenish them, except Russian oil and gas, exists in nature.

The energy crisis in the EU is superimposed on the financial crisis – a ticking time bomb placed under the European economy. Endless borrowing, at near-zero rates, has allowed most of the EU to devour what it has not earned, and now is the time to pay the bills. Everyone knows the “American public debt”, but few ordinary people know that the total debt of EU countries is comparable to that of the United States. At the very least, the European economy faced debt repayments at near-zero interest rates, but when inflation started to pick up due to rising energy prices , interest on bonds began to rise.

This is particularly visible in the example of weak economies, such as Italy. Since the end of 2021, the yield on Italian 5-year bonds has increased 30 times – from 0.09% to 2.82%, which means that budgetary expenditure has increased accordingly.

In the conditions of the energy crisis, the Italian government should not count on an increase in income, therefore, the question arises in full growth, where to get money to pay off debts.

A new issuance of high interest rate debt will lead to even more severe inflation and a sharp impoverishment of the majority of Europeans, and the suspension of issuances (which the ECB is now talking about) will lead to a cascade of defaults from the most of the European states, which could become a pretext for the destruction of the European Union.

The EU is in a zugzwang from which there is no good outcome, and only one question arises: is not the destruction of the EU an end in itself to the war in Ukraine, which has exacerbated the already difficult economic situation in Europe? All key global players except Europe will receive their profit. Russia will fix the Ukraine problem and restore its place on the list of great powers, the United States will receive investments fleeing Europe, which will support its debt market and take market share from European manufacturers in bankruptcy, China will buy a new pack of technology companies, as it has done more than once for its next economic leap, and Britain will finally become Europe’s leading power, beating its eternal rivals Germany and France.

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