Infamous proposal of the deputy of the presidential majority Sacha Houlie (former socialist) aiming to grant the right to vote to foreigners outside the EU for municipal elections. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne


Proposal for a constitutional law nº 178 aiming to grant the right to vote and stand as a candidate in municipal elections to foreigners who are not nationals of the European Union residing in France

As always bills gone unnoticed to always continue to dissolve France and destroy it by diluting it in their exacerbated globalism, do you know a single country that makes foreigners vote completely out of the system financed by its people, in its own country ? NOPE. Only destroyers can and want to, let’s stop these evildoers very quickly. LREM deputy Sacha Houlié wants to grant the right to vote in municipal elections for all foreigners. A constitutional bill has been tabled in the National Assembly.

Published on 22.8.2022

Infamous proposal of the deputy of the presidential majority Sacha Houlie (former socialist) aiming to grant the right to vote to foreigners outside the EU for municipal elections. Already very unraveled, the right to vote must remain a prerogative attached to French nationality!

Editor’s note: Not only the right to vote, but also eligibility, which appear in this Bill No. 178, filed on August 2.

Whether this Bill becomes a Bill in the fall, the French will know what to expect from the intentions of this Government and this Renaissance political group

This deputy knows perfectly well that there will not be a majority to vote for such a constitutional reform and that holding a referendum on such a subject would be very risky. Houlié, who has not had a word for the assaulted police officers and the victims of rodeos, is still busy unraveling the status of French citizenship.

It is therefore a pure gesture of submission to a certain electoral clientele. As the French no longer vote, we seek out voters where we can. This allows clientelism to develop exponentially… and these people in government dare to speak of democracy!!

If such a thing were to happen, it would definitely be the end of France, its identity (already damaged) and its culture. Hope that a burst will seize us and that a little patriotism will regain us.

Either way, it sucks! Because this bill is the absolute capitalist dream, to replace the non-obedient population by another who will have the same rights as the people from the country. It’s a denial of the nation and we can’t believe how this law can be constitutional.

Funny impression that this current political class wants to govern everyone except the French!

The media time devoted to minorities who, as their name suggests, are minorities is simply crazy! Strange conception of these policies to see themselves as savior of the world and let the country sink into daily violence

If we look further it is to wonder how such a bill can be proposed! Especially by the presidential majority…

This does not bode well! because as usual he waves a big thing to pass another filthy thing under it…

Let’s be vigilant

The same one who said that in July : “The reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers is in no way desirable”, according to Sacha Houlié. “It is legitimate to demand that those responsible for our health protect themselves. »

Then also against the “conspirators”, he says : “Hand in hand, populist deputies communed against the vaccine, not hesitating to resort to and spread false information”, affirms the lacquered LREM Sacha Houlié. “Vaccines save lives! »

“Birds of a feather flock together” as the popular adage : Watch who is clapping with big hands below from 0.36 on the video above.

Twitter had let loose on R. Rebeyrotte with his Nazi salute.

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