Dissident Brothers – “Macron is a madman”, I appeal to the military, stop him!! He wants to become the French ZELENSKY!!!!! – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Dissenting Brethren – “Macron is a madman”, I appeal to the military, stop him!! He wants to become the French ZELENSKY!!!!!

Published on 21.8.2022

“We have never been so close to his macabre goal… The bullshit he is spouting is monumental and above all dangerous for a people who have asked for absolutely nothing, apart from living in peace, in security.

Macron denounced Putin’s brutal attack and called on the French to agree to pay the price for freedom… and our values.

He’s still the guy who did everything to screw up our most basic freedoms, to screw up all the values ​​that this country has defended for centuries…

Macron asked us to prepare for war… except that there, war will be fatal.

The impression that he takes himself for a de Gaulle, for a future Napoleon… But the difference is that these two great men were military leaders… He must be stopped before the disaster……”


URGENT READ: This gentleman above is correct, as France and most Western states will be further engaged in armed conflict with Russia by October. They will impose a quasi-state-of-war that will provide them with sweeping powers against the people as the energy crisis devastates the economy.

It is at least the logical extension of the fundamental work carried out by the government and almost all the media-billionaires for ” to prepare “ people for weeks.

We hope we are wrong.

In France and Italy, it will not be easy. They have to work right now on the script that will give them the means to create the climate of hysterical prior approval in the lobotomized part of the population.

Because now, the Midterms in November will arrive at the right time to stop this madness or not depending once again on the Dominion votes, you understand us…

And in our opinion, we will hear about it below in the next few days, read and your turn to judge.

Testimony of Emmanuel Todd concerning the destruction of France.

“… There is an Anglo-American social state which considers that it has the duty of full employment.

We are supposed to have had a social state, but for 35 years this social state considers that it is not its responsibility to provide employment to the French.

The ruling classes who are able to launch a country on a path that will ensure its population 8 to 10% unemployment, which will end up fragmenting French society and creating problems of assimilation.

We have a French ruling class which for 35 years has been destroying its country, and which suddenly becomes indignant.
Oh la la… 66% abstention, people are bad citizens!

… The French are accused of what the leaders have done. »

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