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A suspended Florida prosecutor backed by Soros misused state resources to campaign.

Published on 21.8.2022

Suspended, Soros-backed Florida prosecutor Andrew Warren used state resources, including state-owned phones, for campaign purposes.

When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspended Soros-backed prosecutor Andrew Warren two weeks ago for his failure to uphold the law, state-owned phones were transferred to the prosecutor’s new team. It revealed he had used those phones and other state resources to campaign with Democratic operatives — a highly unethical abuse.

Hillsborough County District Attorney Andrew Warren suspended.

The team of her replacement, Suzy Lopez, received electronic communications via these phones intended for Warren and her staff. Communications from Florida Democratic operatives regarding their campaign for Warren and against Governor DeSantis.

An email communication from a Florida Democratic agent to suspended state’s attorney Andrew Warren.

In the email above, a Democratic operative comes to Warren about his briefing and their plans to attack Governor DeSantis, asking him to start an anti-DeSantis campaign tour with them.

A text message to Andrew Warren’s staff from another Democratic agent, following up on the previous email.

In the message above, another agent is attempting to contact Andrew Warren’s staff to follow up on the previous email.

This is clear evidence that Warren was misusing state resources to campaign with other Democrats.

Tendency : Russia: Daria Douguina, the daughter of a philosopher close to the Kremlin killed in the explosion of her car.

It is unethical to say the least.

However, Andrew Warren is not one to let ethics mix with politics.

The Soros-backed attorney declined to sue for certain crimes, like violating Florida’s 15-week abortion ban (which is a lax abortion ban by global and Western standards), and generally refused to cooperate with law enforcement.

Warren also promised to erase arrest records, but never took the initiative to do so, leaving many affected in the dark about the status of their arrest records.

Warren, while perhaps not as influential as Larry Krasner in Philadelphia or George Gascon in Los Angeles, continues to spread corruption and lawlessness from his office, instead of upholding and maintaining the law. and order as a prosecutor is supposed to.

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