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War in Ukraine, Zelensky’s threat to blow up the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant! And the Russian response…

Published on 20.8.2022

The Russian Defense Ministry informed that Ukraine is preparing a provocation on the day of the visit of the UN Secretary General to Lvov where he met with Zelensky and Erdogan. Today is August 19. The provocation in question concerns the nuclear complex of Zaporozhye (Zaporizhia)plant with 6 reactors (only 2 are in service).

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It is amusing (?) to note that the Ukrainians accuse the Russians of bombing the plant, while this plant has been under the control of Russian forces for several weeks. So the Russians would bomb themselves? This does not seem to bother the Westerners who all take up the stupid Ukrainian accusations in chorus. The reality is that kyiv has been bombing the plant ever since the Russians took over, simply to pressure the West to receive more arms and ammunition.

But Westerners are beginning to understand that Ukraine has no chance of winning against Russia, but also and above all their stocks of military equipment are seriously low. A senior NATO official said in essence that if Russia now wanted to attack an Alliance country, it would not face many people…

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Ukraine would therefore consider a “major” provocation to convince the West despite everything to increase their arms deliveries, or even to intervene directly, for example under cover of a UN “interposition force” on the territory of the nuclear plant. This “major” provocation ordered by Zelensky himself is an action of Ukrainian commandos infiltrated on the territory of the Central to damage the reactors or blow up the protections of the stocks of buried waste. These commandos are made up of members of the Ukrainian special forces under a joint Ukrainian-NATO, more specifically Ukrainian-British, command.

Such an operation would cause a “Chernobyl” type situation. The Russian services have also arrested two Ukrainian employees the day before yesterday who were giving information to facilitate acts of terrorism.

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As a safety measure, the local authorities are currently evacuating the immediate surroundings of the plant.

Another operation is considered by Zelensky: Attack the Crimean bridge, which connects Crimea to the mainland. This action could be carried out symbolically on August 24, “independence day” in Ukraine. This operation was in a way announced by several Ukrainian personalities. It is clear that despite the bridge’s protection system (several S-400 batteries and other systems), a massive attack carried out using Western weapons could allow a few projectiles to pass through the defences. Zelensky according to our information would still hesitate to give the order for fear of reprisals.

This past week, several sabotage operations have also taken place in Crimea. You have to understand that it is very easy for commandos to strike anywhere. If a decision, for example, to blow up the Élysée Palace were taken, it would be done without great difficulty. Former President Medvedev also recalled this yesterday by declaring that “there are other power stations in the world which can be the object of attacks”.

All this is part of a logic of escalation on the part of Ukraine, whose forces on the ground are no longer able to oppose the Russian advances which are continuing slowly but surely on all fronts.

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NATO also thinks of opening a new front against Russia, again through a third country, this time in the Balkans.

On November 1, in fact, the authorities of Kosovo will introduce serious discriminatory measures against Serbs. These measures had been put in place 2 weeks ago but the strong Serbian reactions had caused them to be postponed until September 1st.
No more than Russia, Serbia does not recognize the puppet state of Kosovo and Russia has already announced that it will support Serbia.
NATO for its part has declared itself “ready to intervene if necessary”… The real goal here is to force Russia to intervene on the spot and therefore to thin out its forces in Ukraine, at least the strategists of the ‘NATO…

Finally, in Georgia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, the American special services are at work to organize actions hostile to Russia and for the local authorities to “harass” Russia. Attacks on Russian citizens, anti-Russian statements, etc.

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These events are placed in the international context where not only the sanctions taken against Russia did not change the course of its military operation, but turned against the Western countries much more than they did not strike Russia. Western arms deliveries to Ukraine have not changed anything on the ground, they only slow down the final outcome, which remains the same: Russia’s objectives will be fully achieved. This is why Western countries are now trying on the one hand to further aggravate the situation in Ukraine (central Zaporozhye) but above all to open new fronts against Russia.

This is a very bad calculation: When a country plays its pure and simple survival, it does not retreat. Russia not only will not retreat, but reserves the right to advance against any hostile country. Its new weapons have still not come into action, need we remind you…

By Boris Gennadevich Karpov.
Source : Rusreinfo

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