DiVizio: Me Divizio’s reaction to E. Macron’s speech: “he’s crazy”

Reaction of Me Divizio to the speech of E. Macron: “he is crazy”

Published on 20.8.2022

“Prepare for war and the French should pay the price of freedom!” The difficulty is that this time it’s real war… and that from this irresponsible president, it’s the sound of bombs that we’re going to start hearing!

We are dealing with an irresponsible president!

We are no longer talking about the vax of the antivax..

He is a president who likes it, who likes to put on the uniform of the general he is not…

That’s enough!!!, it’s our children who will pay!

He is turning the world into madness, he himself is completely mad…

The parliamentary opposition, you must now wake up! Finished the holidays…

It is a president who is going to rush us into the abyss! »

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