Breaking news from the EASTERN Front, the first eyewitness footage of the scene in Sevastopol, where an enemy drone rammed the Black Sea Fleet building. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Latest news from the Eastern Front, IThe first eyewitness footage of the scene in Sevastopol, where an enemy drone rammed the Black Sea Fleet building.

Published on 20.8.2022

The attack on Seversk “🅾️” captured a checkpoint on the outskirts of Ivano-Daryevka.

In addition to ammunition and anti-tank missiles, Ukrainian militants even left behind women’s underwear.

Launch of the P-800 “Oniks” high-precision supersonic missile at the facilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Footage from a Ukrainian drone flying just before the attack on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters building.

In the video, we hear shots being fired at the drone.

Today’s strike against Sevastopol was reportedly carried out by a Chinese Skyeye commercial drone.

The first eyewitness images of the scene in Sevastopol, where an enemy drone rammed the Black Sea Fleet building.

Several targets have been shot down over Crimea since Friday evening

Crimean air defense systems intercepted several targets in the sky of the peninsula, including Ukrainian drones. Videos of the Russian DCA in action have been released by witnesses since Friday evening.

Targets were shot down over Yevpatoria, Kerch and Sevastopol. As for the latter city, an intercepted Ukrainian drone fell on the roof of the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet. No one was injured in the incident.

Referring to a US administration official, Politico wrote on Wednesday that Washington would support strikes in Crimea if kyiv deems them necessary.

The gist of the summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

▪️ in the direction of Kharkiv, the Russian army launched an offensive in the Borshcheva region;
▪️ in the Donbass, fighting continues in the areas of the localities of Ivano-Daryevka, Bakhmut, Zaitsevo, Kodema, Poprosnoye, Mayorsk;
▪️ Practically on the entire line of hostilities, the bombardment by the Russian army continues with the use of artillery, aviation and tanks.

GUS: Conflict in Ukraine poses great threat to Polish economy

According to polls, Poles see the conflict in Ukraine as a great threat to the Polish economy, writes Interia. In August, consumer sentiment deteriorated again compared to the previous month. Readers’ Comment: The biggest threat is posed by the government’s pro-Ukrainian actions and the refugees in Poland.

According to the General Directorate of Statistics (GUS), in August 39.8% of respondents indicated that the current situation in Ukraine poses a great threat to the Polish economy. This figure is 2.3% lower than the previous month. 73.2% of respondents said the impact of the current situation in Ukraine on the situation of consumers (in July – 74.9%).

On average, 37.3% of respondents feel the danger. About a small threat says 18.5%, and about no threat – only 4.4%.

According to the survey, for 12.9% of respondents, the current situation in Ukraine poses a great threat to their financial situation. The average danger is felt by 32.1% of respondents. Small – 34%, and the absence of a threat – 21% of respondents.

1.9% expressed fear of losing their job or ceasing their own activities….PM Moravetsky can be “part” of this poll

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is about to enter a deep freeze, and this will affect both sides, writes the British newspaper The Telegraph.

On the battlefield, winter tends to favor the defender, while it is more difficult for the attacker to advance. This will allow the Ukrainian army to keep what it has, but prevent it from taking back anything in the vast territories under Russian control.

Therefore, winter will have a strategic impact on the outcome of the conflict in Europe, and Ukraine will most likely lose from it. Europeans are used to cheap Russian energy. In June, Russia cut gas supplies to Europe by 60%. As winter approaches, countries are scrambling to mitigate the damage to their already fragile economies. The massive outburst of discontent will not go unnoticed by politicians and will force them to reconsider their already wavering support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.

Moscow knows how to crank up the pressure until European countries give in, up to and including a complete blackout. Threatened by this extreme measure, President Putin will wave to the global community by offering a ceasefire on favorable terms at the G20 summit in November. The leaders will be tempted to accept Putin’s peace proposal and withdraw their support for Zelensky. For President Biden, this proposal will be no less tempting than for his European counterparts, because America, too, is suffering serious economic damage.

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