Walt Disney is trying to normalize “transgenderism”. – The Informant.

Walt Disney is trying to normalize “transgenderism.”

Posted on 1.7.2022

Think of it from a 40,000 foot vantage point. Disney has always been corrupt. Walt was a Freemason. He put symbols of witchcraft in his films. They were always working to “undermine” the children = Mind Control or MK Ultra program.

The cruise line Walt Disney passed by Epstein Island inexplicably. Their vice president was arrested for being a pedophile.

Now stop being convinced that it has always been like this. Only now do you see it with clear 20/20 vision. Only now is the Great Awakening in full swing.

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You can feel great bitterness about what’s going on, but Q said it’s only when something comes to light that we can expose it.
This kind of exposure is unprecedented in our time.

In other words, victory is near. God wins. Light wins.

Another example: Disney’s Cindarella Castle.

Disney’s most famous brand, Cindarella’s Castle, is actually based on an existing castle.

Located in the southernmost part of Bavaria, Germany, stands a castle whose construction began in 1869, but was never fully completed.

Neuschwanstein Castle was commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria as a place of retirement and in honor of Richard Wagner. Louis chose to pay for the palace with his personal fortune and through large loans, rather than Bavarian public funds.

While vacationing in Europe, Walt Disney and his wife visited Neuschwanstein Castle. Disney is so inspired by the fairy tale architecture and surrounding landscape that they make it the model for their Cinderella castle. Back home, he built Disneyland with the castle as its centerpiece.

We’re going to take it one step further: What’s hiding in these kids’ channel logos?

  • Disney The Chain: The 666
  • Disney Junior: The 666
  • Teletoon: The Black Cube
  • Ytv: Saturn
  • TreeHouse: The 666


CORUS ENTERTAINMENT: Another example is listening to the series Cradle of Angels.

This is about baby sale in MTL in 1954.

We just saw that it was Luc Wiseman who produced the series was himself accused of pedophilia in 2021. The fallen producer that everyone is talking about.

Then when you look at the channel that aired it first, it’s SERIES+ which is a property of Corus Entertainment. Take a good look at the logo of CORUS with the 🌀 as if by chance. Its logo was later modernized in green and black.

We’ll see who belongs CORUS and it’s : The Shaw Family [Shaw distributeur], CORUS also has the channel TELETOON in its category CORUS KIDS which of course includes DISNEY JUNIOR

Do you have to be twisted to produce a series on the sale of illegal babies with a pedophile producer, have a pedo logo and have a children’s channel category.

Welcome to this world not so invisible as that, but do you have to look at it with the right eyes and above all have a perfect conscience to understand the MK Ultra used on your children to make them future Transgender, so as not to have to reproduce naturally and thus participate in the program of the NAME which is depopulation through sex.

Satanic Walt Disney and many messages for children’s subconscious in their cartoons.

Do not allow children to watch the content of this studio (and not only). Really kind and informative cartoons have always been rare. This is just another of their non-obvious tools in the hunt for our children.

At first glance, nothing is noticeable, of course, but in fact, as you can see, there is a powerful programming of the child’s consciousness when looking at these “works” day after day.

And how many of us grew up with these cartoons? It’s scary and dark, but it’s the truth. In fact, this is not news. We just remind you and show you.

Disney Illuminati Satanism and Sex Symbols Mind Control

Child Abuse Through Satanic Rituals

Look, from 30:15 you will understand that Ukraine is a hub for international child trafficking – 10% are from Ukraine – and nationally, it is clearly stated in this film that Ukrainian teenagers are being sold to high-flying Ukrainian politicians. Yes, yes, you read that right. Arte did the job for once. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Disney or YouTube…

Child trafficking is a lucrative market which, together with drugs and weapons, represents one of the most popular activities of criminal networks in Europe. Mostly from Eastern Europe or Africa, but sometimes also from France or Germany, girls and boys are sold as domestic or sexual slaves, or put on the street to beg or pick their pockets. passers-by. But where does the demand come from? Who are the traffickers? How are the networks organized, and why does this subject remain relatively taboo in political speeches?

This is what the Zionists do to the countries they hate – The German government is controlled by the Zionists.

Rise up, Germans, protect our youth, because the demons will try everything to brainwash them into changing their sex, to mock human beings and turn them against their creator.


You will soon see more and more children preaching the gospel by the Spirit of God.

Psalm 8:2 2: “By the praise of children and infants you have established a fortress against your enemies, to silence the enemy and the avenger”.

Acts 2:17 17: “In the last days, saith God, I will pour out my Spirit upon all the peoples. Your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men will have visions, your old men will have dreams.

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