The author of a book on the DGSI indicted for disclosing the defense secret. – The Informant.

The author of a book on the DGSI indicted for disclosing the defense secret.

Published on 30.6.2022

The Parisian Reports “The DGSI is a small group of TERRORIST collaborators who work hand in hand with the mafia CIA and who meet regularly at meetings of the Globalist sect… (Bilderberg / Diners of the Century / NATO …)

In his book, journalist Alex Jordanov devotes a chapter to the former Salafist mosque in Torcy. (Drawing). DR.

This LIE of Humanity which involves in its cogs MAFIEUX, the French army, is sponsored to carry out a mass massacre next to which the neo-Nazis appear as choirboys…

This is already happening right now with the massive injection of poison, but not that… As much as everyone is aware that it was just an appetizer.

On the menu : destruction of the economies of the European, African and American Continent and populations delivered to terrorism, the next programmatic abuses of which are orchestrated by these mafia organizations. For several months, behind the veil of war in Ukraine, they have been arming their small groups of mercenaries UKRO NAZIS and ISIS (because you still don’t think it was fair to give them to the Ukrainians in a war lost since February… March?).

The worst of all our enemies is the one inside. And their actions is none other than Genocidal. »

Find out by looking, we find!

The author of a book on the DGSI indicted for disclosing defense secrets

Published on 24.6.2022 by Le Parisien with AFP

the journalist Alex Jordanov, author of a book-investigation on the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI), was indicted on Friday in Paris for disclosing defense secrets, his lawyer immediately denouncing an “attack on the duty of investigation of journalists of very great gravity”.

Two former police officers suspected of having provided him with confidential information, were also indicted for breaches of National Defense secrecy and placed under judicial control, according to a judicial source.

Justice accuses the 62-year-old journalist of having given details, in his book “The Wars of the Shadow of the DGSI” (New World Editions) published in 2019, on intelligence techniques, methods of recruitment, management and compensation of human sources, among others. He is also accused of having published information likely to identify an agent or a source of the intelligence services.

At the end of their police custody in the premises of the DGSI, all three were presented to an investigating judge. Alex Jordanov was placed under judicial supervision and indicted for disclosure of defense secrecy and concealment of violation of professional secrecy, in particular. “A 48-hour police custody followed by a night in custody for a journalist because of the revelations in his book is unprecedented,” reacted to AFP Axel Jordanov’s lawyer, Me William Bourdon.

“A real witch hunt”

“This muscular operation obviously constitutes a double political intimidation against journalists and police officers to dissuade them from being curious or talkative,” denounced Me Bourdon. “The hardening represented by this operation must not escape anyone,” he added.

A dive into the news of miscellaneous facts, to illuminate the dark side of our time

In his book, Alex Jordanov reveals “the successes” and “failures” of domestic intelligence in the fight against terrorism during the 2010s through the stories of several DGSI officers (designated by modified first names), sometimes critical of their hierarchy.

“It is a humiliating procedure given the invaluable services rendered to the nation by my client”, lamented to AFP Me Vincent Brengarth, lawyer for a former agent of the DGSI indicted. According to him, “it is the fruit of a real witch hunt organized by a service which investigated itself, led by a prosecutor, a non-independent magistrate whose harshness and proactiveness question”. The second agent’s lawyer declined to comment.

“Chapters discarded”

According to the editor’s note, the book had “been carefully proofread by intelligence specialists so as not to interfere with the work in progress of the services” and “chapters” had been “discarded”. The book, relating to a “subject of general interest”, “remains on free sale and everyone is invited to form an opinion on its content”, underlined its publisher Yannick Dehée.

“The pressure exerted on Alex Jordanov to reveal his sources violates the basic rights of the press and creates a very dangerous precedent for the functioning of our democracy”, he lamented. Alex Jordanov was briefly taken hostage in 2004 in Iraq while working at the CAPA agency and producing a subject for Canal+. According to Le Point magazine, his home was searched on Monday.

In recent years, other journalists have been questioned by the DGSI about their work. This was the case in 2019 of journalists from the Disclose site, Radio France and TMC after their investigations into the use of French weapons in Yemen. They finally received a reminder.

At the same period, World journalist Ariane Chemin had also been interviewed by the DGSI after the publication of an article on the affairs of Alexandre Benalla revealing the identity of an air force non-commissioned officer, Chokri Wakrim. Since then, she has had no news of the procedure. These summonses had been denounced by some twenty NGOs and trade unions as an attack on freedom of the press.


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