The Incredible NATO Coup in Europe! – The Informant.

The Incredible NATO Coup in Europe!

A huge coup! American of course! With the active complicity of the EU. Leave NATO and the EU!

Posted on 30.6.2022 by FLORIAN PHILIPPOT

V. Putin: Russia will respond with “similar threats” to Sweden and Finland joining NATO

“If military contingents and infrastructure are deployed there, we are going to have to respond to it,” Putin warned.

And to add: “It is obvious. As if they didn’t understand it.”

“For us, the membership of Finland and Sweden is not at all the same thing as the membership of Ukraine” in NATO.

“They throw this hypothesis at the public opinion to say “Ah, you see Russia did not want it, but now it has double it”. But no, it’s a completely different thing.”

The Russian leader has repeatedly said that the ultimate goal of the Russian “special operation” is the liberation of Donbass, the protection of the Russian-speaking population, and the security of Russia.

On 30th June Jens Stoltenbreg declared that the accession protocol for Sweden and Finland would be signed on 5th July.

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