Pentagon furious and under pressure after US hypersonic missile fails in Hawaii due to ignition problem, “Mike Turner of Ohio. “We are behind our opponents”. – The Informant.

Pentagon furious and under pressure after US hypersonic missile fails in Hawaii due to ignition problem, “Mike Turner of Ohio. “We are behind our opponents”.

Published on 30.6.2022

Tests of a US hypersonic missile in Hawaii ended in failure due to an ignition problem – Bloomberg, citing the Pentagon.

It should be noted that China, Russia and North Korea already have hypersonic technology.

A flight test of a hypersonic missile system in Hawaii ended in failure due to an after-ignition problem, said the US Department of Defense, dealing another blow to a failed program.

He did not provide additional details on Wednesday’s test, but said in an emailed statement that “the department remains confident that it is on track to field offensive and defensive hypersonic capabilities on the dates planned, starting in the early 2020s.

“An anomaly occurred after the test asset was ignited,” Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Commander Tim Gorman said in the statement.

“Program officials have initiated a review to determine the cause to inform future testing,” he added. “Although the department was unable to collect data on the entire planned flight profile, the information collected during this event will provide critical information. »

The test marked the second unsuccessful test flight of the prototype weapon known as the Conventional Prompt Strike. The first flight test, in October, was marred by a booster failure, which prevented the missile from leaving the launch pad. The Conventional Prompt Strike weapon is intended for installation on Zumwalt destroyers and Virginia-class submarines.

The army is developing a land version. Lockheed Martin Corp and Northrop Grumman Corp are the main contractors.

The Pentagon is under pressure to deploy hypersonic systems as rivals including Russia, China and North Korea set up systems designed to evade interception by flying at more than five times the speed of sound and gliding on a maneuverable trajectory to launch nuclear warheads.

China is investing heavily in hypersonic weapons. In July last year, it put one into orbit that flew 40,000 kilometers in more than 100 minutes of flight time, according to the top US nuclear commander. In January, North Korea conducted two separate launches of hypersonic missile systems that traveled several hundred miles.


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Hypersonic missile delay puts US even further behind Russia and China

Kim Jong Un’s hypersonic missiles show he can hit back at US
Russia launched a hypersonic air-to-surface missile during its attack on Ukraine. Adversaries do not have to meet the rigorous standards established under the US defense acquisition system or face public scrutiny for delays and failures.

The slowdown in US hypersonic programs sparked a number of heated exchanges when Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin testified in April before the House Armed Services Committee.

“You recently appealed to the defense industry community that was involved in hypersonic development to find out how we can accelerate it,” said the Republican Rep. Mike Turner from Ohio. “We are behind our opponents”.

Without denying this fact, Mr Austin said that “we have to be careful” because “hypersonic is one capability, sir, but it’s not the only one”. He added that “I engaged the industry” to “make sure they look at” the development of hypersonics.


According to India’s writings, Pakistan is also exploring the possibility of importing cheap crude oil from Russia.

In Romania, 15 Ukrainian wagons carrying grain derailed. There were 32 cars in total.

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