Meanwhile, history is being written on the Caspian, the two greatest living civilizations of the East (Iran-Persia and Russia) have joined forces (which had never happened before). – The Informant.

Meanwhile, history is being written on the Caspian, the two greatest living civilizations of the East (Iran-Persia and Russia) have joined forces (which had never happened before).

Published on 30.6.2022

Meanwhile, history is being written on the Caspian. The two greatest living civilizations of the East (Iran-Persia and Russia) have allied (which has never happened before) faster and easier than a visit by a French President to Moscow.

NEVER in history authentic Russian and authentic Iran-Persia have never been so close and so united. Of course, there are strategic interests of each in economy and in politics, but it is above all the work and the will of God. These 2 empires have a lot to share.

Of course, in reality, 95% of Asia supports Russia through old acquaintances and historical friendships. Outside Japan and Turkey where NATO has no influence, the Syria is also close to V. Putin of course.

And they will never leave each other again. Russia could never have established such a relationship with Turkey (because of history and also of NATO) nor with Saudi Arabia (which has no civilization).

Here is our Vladimir V Putin’s message to the dumb G7 heads of state “Hitler wanted to destroy Russia. Everyone must remember how it ended”.

  • Greater Russia marked the beginning of the end for Napoleon.
  • Greater Russia marked the beginning of the end for Hitler.
  • And here you are watching the beginning of the end of the western block.

This is the problem of stupid and uneducated pseudo-leaders. They do not retain any lessons of history, and we are therefore witnessing a global Western collective suicide.

Who in (NATO = G7/EU-UK, USA, Canada + Turkey (Who won’t fight against Russia, they still have nightmares about it)), but maybe Japan and australia they can and will want to go to direct war?

The so-called “Camp du Bien” with E. Macron? : “Russia cannot and must not win” the war

Always the “at the same time” which allows him to always believe that he is a renowned pacifist.

“The seven great powers share the same attachment to the democratic multilateral order,” declared the leader, at the end of the G7 summit in Germany, before continuing with that of NATO.

“Our support for Ukraine as well as the sanctions against Russia will continue for as long as necessary in the coming months. »

“It is not the West that opposes the rest of the world, but the camp of peace against the camp of war”, asserted Macron, always master of the inversion and the reversed.

What does the “rest of the world” think of the Western democratic fiction of the G7 and NATO, besides Russia?

As Africa looks to Beijing and Moscow, as Latin America tries to emancipate itself from the yoke of Washington, China demanded again today that NATO stop creating “imaginary enemies” and sowing “disorder” in the world. And with the Scandinavian enlargement of NATO, is it yet another new story of betrayal?

Zelensky obliged to “redefine the Ukrainian ˝victory˝”?

Western media continue to prepare their audience for the scenario in which Ukraine does not ultimately crush Russia.

“White House officials are losing confidence that Ukraine will ever be able to regain all the land it has lost to Russia in the past four months of war.[…]even with the heavier and more sophisticated weapons that the United States and its allies plan to send”: this is the first sentence of a CNN article devoted to the conflict in Ukraine.

According to the American media, Washington now does not exclude that Ukraine “has shrunk irreversibly” and that kyiv is forced to “redefine the Ukrainian ˝victory˝”.

These confidences of Joe Biden’s team to CNN are explained by “Russia’s advances in the Donbass” in recent weeks and the withdrawal of the Ukrainian army faced with “staggering troop losses, reaching up to 100 soldiers per day.

The “growing pessimism” of the Americans is also linked to Washington’s inability to predict whether the Europeans would be ready to “arm and support Ukraine” in the event of a prolonged conflict.

At the same time, CNN adds that the United States has no intention of pressuring Ukraine to make “any formal territorial concessions to Russia in order to end the war.”

Geopolitical news since 25.6.2022:

🔹 Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez is asking to join BRICS.

🔹 Zelensky fired Ukrainian ambassadors to Portugal, Slovakia and Georgia. These ambassadors had all been appointed by his predecessor Petro Poroshensko.

🔹 Germany wants the G7 to stop funding fossil fuel projects, which would be a blow to the fight against climate change. The country is indeed highly dependent on Russian gas and electricity prices have more than doubled since the start of the year.

🔹 Iran nuclear talks are expected to resume in the coming days.

🔹 The European Commission has prepared a draft document allowing Russia to transport goods to Kaliningrad via Lithuania.

🔹 G-7 ANNOUNCES NEW RUSSIAN GOLD IMPORT BAN: US OFFICIAL (Expect this to backfire “Gold will destroy…”)

🔹 Putin: America has prepared 257 planes in Europe for possible use of nuclear weapons.

🔹 Putin: We will provide Belarus with modern missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Syria caught between Iran and Russia

First photos of Bashar al-Assad of Syria’s meeting with the Iranian Supreme Leader and President today. (When he last met with Khamenei in 2019, recall that Assad was accompanied by Soleimani and Zarif resigned for not being in the meeting).

The Israeli air force struck Damascus International Airport on Friday June 10, 2022 to prevent the shipment of Iranian weapons to Hezbollah. The tarmac was damaged and the hall partly destroyed, but the site has just reopened. Under Israeli pressure, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad must spare his Russian and Iranian support, while outlining a rapprochement with the Gulf countries.

We want to prevent Iran from turning Syria into an Iranian base close to Israel, which could bring a radical strategic change in the situation… That is why we continue to shell Iranian bases so that they do not take the country control.

In other words, Israel will continue to bomb Syria until Bashar Al-Assad distances himself from Iran and Hezbollah. According to the Saudi news site Elaph, Israel reportedly even threatened to bomb the Syrian president’s palace if Iranian operations continued on its territory.

“I have always dreamed of murdering Christians. It is difficult for me to do this in France openly, which is why I am happy to deliver weapons to the Nazis in Ukraine to allow them to murder Christian civilians. Christianophobia has been our specialty since 1792” – French Minister of Defence.

If you listen to what Western politicians say, then it will be clear that Russia has been declared an enemy simply because it does not want to accept the neo-liberal world order that the United States, which has subjugated the Western world, imposes on others under the slogan of “rules-based order” – Russian Minister S. Lavrov

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