J. Biden, would he have listened to E. Macron? Caught in the crossfire, he will ask the Gulf Alliance to increase oil production, but he will not directly ask the king or the Saudi crown prince, see why? – The Informant.

J. Biden, would he have listened to E. Macron? Caught in the crossfire, he will ask the Gulf Alliance to increase oil production, but he will not ask the king or the Saudi crown prince directly.

We explained to you in this article: France: What game did E. Macron deliberately give Biden bad news about the oil crisis in front of the media? [VIDÉO]. E. Macron spoke with Joe Biden on Monday, June 27, 2022, in front of reporters, about attempts to get Arab nations to produce more oil to bring down soaring gasoline prices…

Published on 30.6.2022

Would the president of the basement have listened to E. Macron? Biden announces to us after this epic meeting where Macron ran behind him to catch up with him and ask something? Behold, now Biden will ask the Gulf Alliance to boost oil production, he says he will not ask the Saudi King and Crown Prince directly.

Boom, they so want to destroy everything by controlling their plan of the NAME, that finally theSoaring gas prices are pushing Democrats to act against everything they’ve snapped before for this.

Recall :

NEW – Biden was counting on Arab nations to produce more oil, but a few hours ago French President Macron was overheard telling Biden that the UAE is at maximum capacity and the Saudis cannot produce a lot more.


“I had a call with MBZ,” Macron said. (MBZ is the ruler of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan). “He told me two things. I am at one [capacité de production] maximum and [les] Saudis can raise 150 [milliers de barils par jour]. »

It’s a game-changing revelation as Biden was counting on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. They were the only two OPEC nations perceived to have spare capacity.

Macron’s revelation means it’s up to the US to produce more oil, and quickly, or the energy crisis goes bad.

30 June 2022, Spain, Madrid: Joe Biden, President of the United States of America (USA), speaks during a press conference following the NATO summit in Madrid. During this two-day summit, the heads of state and government of the 30 states of the alliance took decisions on the implementation of the “NATO 2030” reform program. Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa (Photo by Bernd von Jutrczenka/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Basement Chairman Joe Biden has said he will ask US allies in the Persian Gulf region to boost oil production when he meets with them on a trip to Saudi Arabia next month, one of the main means at his disposal to deal with the skyrocketing costs of inflation in his country.

“I told them I thought they needed to increase production,” Biden said Thursday at a press conference in Madrid following a NATO summit. “I hope we see them, for their own sake, come to the conclusion that it makes sense to do so. And they have real concerns about what is happening in Iran and other places in terms of security. »

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Mr Biden said he would not directly ask Saudi King Salman or Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to increase energy production when he sees them at the July 16 meeting. He said the broader forum of the Gulf Cooperation Council, a gathering of largely oil-rich countries along the Persian Gulf, is a more appropriate setting for this request.

“That is not the purpose of this trip” to Saudi Arabia, said J. Biden.

Oil fell after Mr Biden’s comments, futures West Texas Intermediate down 2.3% to $107.31 a barrel at 10:05 a.m. PT.

The trip to Saudi Arabia puts Biden, who has vowed during his campaign to make Saudi Arabia an “outcast” because of its human rights record, in an awkward position. Shortly after taking office, his administration released a report accusing the crown prince of being responsible for the 2018 murder of the Washington Post columnist – and US resident – Jamal Khashoggi.

The prince denied involvement in the murder, while agreeing to take symbolic responsibility for it as the country’s de facto ruler.

J. Biden and his top aides have repeatedly said his trip to the Middle East is not just about energy, in particular, he expressed his concerns about the war in Yemen, but soaring gasoline prices in the United States have increased pressure on the president and Democrats ahead of November’s midterm elections. In Madrid, Mr Biden reiterated his point of view that the rise in prices is entirely due to “Russia, Russia, Russia” due to the war in Ukraine.

J. Biden said he sees several ways to mitigate some of those increases, including through a temporary repeal of the federal gasoline tax, a move that would need to be approved by Congress. But he also said Americans may have to continue to endure higher-than-usual gas prices for some time. Well let’s see!!!

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