How AOC Proved It Knew NOTHING About Constitutional Law And SCOTUS By Attacking The Shutdown On Stephen Colbert’s Show [VIDÉO]. – The Informant.

How AOC Proved It Knew NOTHING About Constitutional Law And SCOTUS By Attacking The Shutdown On Stephen Colbert’s Show [VIDÉO].

Published on 30.6.2022

AOC Attacks SCOTUS Judgment on Roe v. Wade… But as usual, she has no idea what she’s talking about.

During her interview with Stephen Colbert, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacked the Supreme Court claiming she overstepped its authority by striking down Roe.

Obviously, that’s wrong.

“The Supreme Court has overstepped its authority by denying the human and civil rights of anyone who is pregnant or may become pregnant in the United States of America. She has gone too far, and it is incumbent on the President and Congress to bring the Supreme Court to heel,” she fumed.

There is much to discuss in this statement, so glaring are the errors.

Tendency : USA: URGENT, the United States Supreme Court delivers a massive blow to Democrats and climate alarmists in a new ruling that eviscerates their radical energy destruction agenda that began with Obama. SCOTUS overrides EPA regulations and the “Clean Air Act”.

First, and most obviously to anyone who has passed the baccalaureate, we have the fact that it is the Supreme Court that is meant to defeat Congress and the President, not the other way around. . Also, Congress and the President are the ones who put each of the nine justices where they are today, to begin with.

Then there is the fact that the President and Congress cannot, under our Constitution, do anything about SCOTUS, so what she is asking for is unconstitutional and illegal action. Also, it’s doubtful that she would have wanted a Republican President or Congress to touch the Court in any way, so this is blatant hypocrisy.

Third, let’s get to the heart of the argument. The original decision of Roe v. Wade in 1973 was what was a passing. It was about legislating from the bench through a crude and misleading interpretation of the Constitution to fit a pro-abortion agenda. What SCOTUS did in reversing the 1973 decision was not an override – it was the opposite. She noted an earlier overreach by the Court and corrected it nearly 50 years later, returning the issue of abortion to the states and elected representatives where it belongs.

Finally, access to abortion is not a human right, certainly not a right that prevails over the right to life of all individuals. And it’s not a civil right, hence the recent SCOTUS ruling.

In summary, AOC proves that it knows literally nothing about the court’s purpose, constitutional law, or Roe v. Wade himself, with every word of his tirade. Anyone with basic knowledge of civics and the law can deny his claims.

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