The Sad Truth About Regretting ‘Transitions’…Young Man Wakes Up After Having Transition Surgery…He Regrets It Immediately…He’s Not Alone [VIDÉO]. – The Informant.

A young man wakes up after undergoing transition surgery… He immediately regrets it… He is not the only one [VIDÉO].

Published on 29.6.2022

The sad truth about regretting “transitions”…

Perhaps the letter “D” should be added to the countless acronyms that accompany the term LGBTQI…..ETC. This new addition would mean “de-transitioner”. More and more people are regretting their sex change and want to “detransition”, according to Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic, a prominent genital reconstructive surgeon.

The only thing sadder than a person confused about themselves is a society that encourages that confusion. Young people may sign up for transition surgery too soon, believing that changing sex is the answer to their problems, only to be deeply disillusioned.

Almost four years ago (2018), the western journal reported that Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic, a world-renowned genital reconstructive surgeon, says he and other colleagues are seeing an increasing number of people who have had sex reassignment surgery want to transition back. The 52-year-old Serb said, “It can be a real disaster to hear these stories,” but added that their stories are not being heard.

“According to Mr. Djordjevic, people wishing to roll back told him about crippling levels of depression after their transition and, in some cases, even contemplated suicide,” reported the British National Post.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Ritchie Herron, 35, a civil servant living in Newcastle, England, is among a growing number of people who have mistaken a mental health condition for gender dysphoria. Four years ago, Herron underwent irreversible vaginoplasty surgery, which he says he regretted the moment he woke up from the operation.

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In an interview published by the DailyMail On Saturday, Herron said, “My first thought when I arrived was ‘Oh my God! What did I do ? »

Herron, who posts on Twitter under the handle TullipR, explains:

Adding to his emotional anguish, he told the newspaper that simply emptying his bladder continues to be a painful 10-minute process and his libido is non-existent. He added that his crotch area is numb and “in shock”.

Herron is currently suing the UK’s National Health Service for being rushed by an NHS ‘gender clinic’ for ‘making the biggest mistake of his life’. The Daily Mail reports that over the past decade there has been an alarming 1,700% increase in admissions to gender clinics, and most of these patients are children or young adults.

Herron said he had “repressed his homosexuality” for decades and now realizes that his “confusion” was due to his inability to accept that he was gay.

Here is Herron discussing his situation in a YouTube interview in May:

Herron, who posts on Twitter as TullipR, explains: Maybe gender clinics are overwhelmed because we’ve explained puberty, social awkwardness, trauma, OCD, same-sex attraction, gender nonconformity and autism in a neat all-inclusive package that comes with its own community, available online 24/7.

Tweet translation:

Maybe the Gender Clinics are outdated because we’ve explained puberty, social embarrassment, trauma, OCD, same-sex attraction, gender nonconformity, and autism in one neat package. understood that comes with its own community, available online 24/7.

Tucker Carlson shared another example of transitioning regret during his top-rated Fox News TV show when he interviewed 23-year-old former trans woman Helena Kerschner, who de-transitioned after her surgery. of transition. Kerschner explained why she regrets her transition and why she decided to detransition.

In the interview, Helena Kerschner explains that when she was around 15, she started using the social media platform Tumblr. She suffered from an eating disorder and saw posts on the platform saying that “if you feel bad about your body, that means you’re trans”. She felt that being a white, cisgender woman made her “uncool” and “oppressive.” She felt compelled to “find a way to make her voice heard”, and so began to “play with gender issues”.

Kerschner told Carlson during their interview that she fears for young people now that adults are pushing for “gender-conforming” care. town hall covered how Biden administration agencies issued guidelines on “Transgender Visibility Day” that encouraged this type of care for minors.

“The White House just released a chart yesterday that says some of these stages are reversible, or partially reversible, but that’s an oversimplification of the truth,” Kerschner said. “When you go on a transgender hormone, like, it’s going to give you not just physical changes, but psychological experiences that you can’t just act like never happened. »

She adds that she knows teenage girls who have had double mastectomies.

“There are a lot of people, especially parents, who are really grateful for what I say because they see their young girl or their young boy going through this. And the school tells them ‘you have to affirm them, they’re trans, you have to transition them’, all their doctors tell them ‘you have to transition them’, and these parents, they know that their child doesn’t should not have these cosmetic procedures,” she said.

Look :

A former trans-identified woman speaks out to point out that battling gender dysphoria is a lot like a struggle for mental health, which means parents and doctors need to approach the issue accordingly.

Kerschner created and started the detransition support group called the Pique Resilience Project, and argued that children and people who have “comorbid mental health issues” such as depression and anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders, and more, should be treated “the same way we would treat any other young person who struggles with mental health issues” and be allowed to get help for their mental health issues. Mental Health.

Finally, TullipR tweeted this morning that we need a large scale investigation into the effectiveness of ‘gender affirming’ care, including surgery, hormones and puberty blockers.

We need a large-scale survey of the effectiveness of ‘gender-affirming’ care, including surgery, hormones and puberty blockers.

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