“It’s time to declare a medical emergency.” – The Informant.

Senator Dingbat Warren suggests setting up abortion centers in tents in national parks to circumvent abortion ruling: “Time to declare a medical emergency.”

Published on 29.6.2022

Caroline Kitchener, who covers abortion for the Washington Post (yes, you heard that right, the Washington Post has a reporter who is dedicated to abortion), shared on Twitter a conversation she just had with the Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MS).

Tweet translation:

Just spoke with @ewarren, who suggested the Biden administration establish Planned Parenthood outposts bordering national parks. »

“They could put up tents, have trained staff – and be there to help people in need. »

“It is time to declare a medical emergency. »

Senator Warren, not known for having an original idea in mind, is not the first to dream up a scheme to use federal lands in states that ban abortion to allow women to kill their offspring.

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May 6, The Nation wrote about the concept of using federal lands to perform abortions. On May 16, before the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe vs. Wade, President Joe Biden could make abortion services available at federal facilities. Physicians could then rent US government space out of their own pocket; it would protect them from draconian state laws as well as the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funding for abortion services (and even if it doesn’t circumvent the Hyde Amendment, it doesn’t matter, because Democrats could just repeal the amendment if they wanted to). Biden is already expected to take those steps in Texas, where abortions have been virtually unobtainable since September.

In other words, Pocahontas Warren would like to erect tents at the entrance to national parks where women could come and abort their children. Perhaps they could live stream the proceedings on a giant screen for families visiting the park while they are there?

Twitter user Josephine Jones mocked Warren in her response to Kitchener’s tweet: Next time she’ll fund Alan Alda to recreate a MASH unit in Central Park. It’s awesome !

Janice mocked Senator Warren, who has just confirmed that Elizabeth Warren’s scheme exposes the truth behind Planned Parenthood, an organization that for years has been trying to convince Americans that they are not abortion factories but rather “care centers” for women. She tweeted:

Tendency : France: What game did E. Macron deliberately give Biden bad news about the oil crisis in front of the media? [VIDÉO].

I have been told that Planned Parenthood does virtually no abortions. Their mission consisted of cancer screenings and prenatal care.

I wonder what Senator Warren would think if the federal government set up adoption centers at the entrance to every national park?

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