Graduates denounce West Point for “violation of the Constitution” and “political indoctrination”. – The Informant.

Graduates denounce West Point for “violation of the Constitution” and “political indoctrination”.

Published on 29.6.2022

A letter of protest against mandatory vaccines, revival classes with CRT content, progressive activism and sanitary conditions has been sent to the Director and President of West Point Academies. It was authored by “Concerned Graduates of West Point” and “The Long Gray Line,” referring to a continuum of West Point graduates, according to The Epoch Times. LTG Thomas McInerney, USAF, MG Paul Vallely, US Army, and Colonel Andrew O’Meara Jr, US Army, were among the signatories.

MG Paul Vallely

Vallely told The Epoch Times “We wanted to challenge the leaders of the academy and the Ministry of Defense on their actions WOKE, the CRT, diversity training and other anomalies of the academy. We found this issue to be pervasive in the Navy and Air Force academies, and so we knew it was being directed from the highest levels of our military leadership.”

He added, “We all want the military to get back on the path to training and leading our armed forces to protect America and its citizens.”

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The letter is titled “Declaration of Treason by West Point and the Long Gray Line”.

She criticizes the socialist instruction the cadets receive: “Civilian members of the teaching staff have introduced political indoctrination into academic education to include socialist ideology which goes against the noble principles of the Constitution”. The letter goes on to point out that most of the guest speakers are liberal.

The issue of vaccination mandates is described as “troubling”, as cadets are being asked to “violate their religious beliefs, which is contrary to the Academy’s long-held freedom of religion” and “cadets have been coerced to comply with illegal orders – warrants – to submit to vaccinations with experimental drugs never approved by the FDA”.

The lack of a moral foundation, leftist ideologues and the Biden administration are all accused of violating the Constitution and being responsible for the deterioration of the Academy.

This letter comes in a context of growing concern about the progressive training of our soldiers. Many are frustrated with the public funding of progressive ideology, Laura Ingraham points out that “everything that happens in the military is paid for by GOP votes in Congress.”

Three frustrated West Point cadets took to the stage to describe the same issues discussed in the letter. They spoke with Hannity about how they were treated because they disagreed with wok ideology or vaccine coercion. He asked, “Is there a broader political agenda at stake? »

Parents of three unvaccinated West Point cadets join ‘Hannity’ to discuss the pressure their children are under to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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