The Glastonbury Gathering has taken it to another level this year, when it comes to Satanism, Symbolism, Signs of Virtue and Politics, It’s in Your Head! – The Informant.

The Glastonbury Gathering has taken it to another level this year, when it comes to Satanism, Symbolism, Signs of Virtue and Politics, It’s in Your Head!

Published on 27.6.2022

England : Zelensky addressing the crowd at Glastonbury. What a brain masturbation party to signal virtue!!

Kendrick Lamar finishes Glastonbury with blood dripping from a crown encrusted with 8000 diamonds to protest the change of Roe vs. Wade, Glastonbury is a satanic festival.

Glastonbury has gone to another level this year when it comes to Satanism, symbolism, virtue signals and politics, it’s all in your head!

In the video, Satanist Kendrick Lamar performs at the Pyramid scene as Jesus Christ wearing the crown of thorns. He then pours blood on himself while the dancers around him are in red. He sings about women’s rights and swears. It is blasphemy and it is completely satanic. The symbolism will be their downfall. Kendrick Lamar claims to be a true Christian. Lamar worships Satan!

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All we can say is that we can’t wait for the Day of Justice and for evil to be totally erased from our beautiful Earth. We will not make fun of God, Jesus is the King.

Soros’ puppet Greta Thunberg traveled to Glastonbury to lecture the world on being “green”. This is how they leave the site every year.

The aftermath of Glastonbury, where they all clapped in support of Greta Thunberg who flew in to give a talk on the planet, the environment and climate change, the biggest gathering of hypocrites.

The irony of all this is lost on all those liberals in their “woke” bubbles.

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Climate Change Hoax

Globalist puppet Greta Thunberg at England’s Glastonbury Festival ‘demands’ that people talk about ‘climate change’ literally everywhere.

This is a festival that has a reputation for being ‘green’, but as we see in the photo above, this is what the festival site looks like every year.

The smell of hypocrisy is unmistakable.

England BBC News reports: The cleaning of the Glastonbury festival began after the end of the latter where Greta Thunberg was able to speak about “climate and ecology”.
People left more than 2000 tons of trash.

“The five-day festival was postponed due to coronavirus and ended on Sunday.
Addressing visitors, climate activist Greta Thunberg warned that the Earth was “not just changing, it was destabilizing, it was collapsing”.

The event was attended by Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Billie Eilish and concluded with Kendrick Lamar’s speech on women’s rights.

The infamous cleanup is now underway and hundreds of volunteers are helping to remove the rubbish from Worthy Farm

As thousands of campers leave, the festival team’s recycling team is dedicated to disposing of approximately 2,000 tons of waste to restore the farm to its previous state. (…)” Yes, it’s Glastonbury.

Here is the “Pyramid Stage” of the Glastonbury festival in England… the evidence is more than clear.

All, if not most, of these huge festivals convey a ton of subliminal messages throughout their territory, from the stages to the visuals to the spirit of Jezebel rebellion that hovers in the air.

And it’s as pathetic as you can imagine? TO LOOK AT the beautiful butterfly behind, for those who know…

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Paul McCartney ends his concert at Glastonbury last night waving a Ukrainian flag alongside a national pride flag.

He also removed the song Back in the USSR from his repertoire. These celebrities tell us where they stand… they are all puppets of the system. It’s sad to watch…

Billie Eillish at Glastonbury

Watch: Singer Shouts ‘F*** America’ to Festival Crowd After Festival Canceled Roe V. Wade.

Phoebe Bridgers, an American indie singing star, shouted “F*** America” ​​to the audience during her concert at a festival in England on Friday. It was his response to the cancellation of Roe v Wade.

This ruling says there is no constitutional right to abortion and sends the issue back to the states to enact abortion legislation.

“I’m having the blackest day of my life,” Bridgers told the audience. “Are there any Americans here? Which means “F* the Supreme Court at three”? One, two, three – F* the Supreme Court. »

“F*** this s. F America,” she added. “Like, fuck you. »

Look :

“All those uninteresting old motherfuckers trying to tell us what to do with our fucking bodies. »

Aerial view of Glastonbury 2022

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