WHO IS RACHEL POWELL? She used an ice ax and a battering ram to smash the windows of the Capitol on January 6…She gave the people inside specific instructions on how to navigate a confusing layout…Why is she under house arrest? [VIDÉO] – The Informant.

WHO IS RACHEL POWELL? She used an ice ax and a battering ram to smash the windows of the Capitol on January 6…She gave the people inside specific instructions on how to navigate a confusing layout…Why is she under house arrest? [VIDÉO]

Published on 26.6.2022

Rachel Powell is a 41-year-old Pennsylvania resident and single mother of 8 children. The FBI has asked for help in locating Rachel after she was filmed breaking windows at the Capitol on January 6.

Rachel surrendered to the FBI in early February 2021. She was charged with obstruction, depredation of government property, entering a restricted building, entering a restricted building with a dangerous weapon and entry with violence.

Rachel is currently residing in her home in Pennsylvania and is under house arrest. Several red flags surround Rachel’s case, starting with her arrest, her short-term imprisonment in Pennsylvania, her release from prison and her 475-day house arrest in the comfort of her home, when so many men who have committed less serious crimes are still being remanded in solitary confinement and living in deplorable conditions.

Here are some facts in the curious case of Rachel Powell:

Recent news : Russia: Update on the news of the night and “Urgent V. Putin’s trip to the Kremlin with full security for an unknown reason” [VIDÉO].

On January 6, Rachel Powell used an ice ax to smash the windows of the Capitol. Is it me or does she look like a bad actress when she turns to the man next to her and pretends to be super cool?

Look :

When the ice ax fails to fully remove the window from its frame, Rachel and an unidentified man use a battering ram that sits right next to the Capitol windows and ram it into the Capitol windows as several bystanders watch. .

Look :

After the windows are smashed, Rachel can be seen giving the people inside instructions on how to navigate around the specific room where she just smashed the windows. How does Rachel, who lives in Pennsylvania, know all the details of the room she “randomly” chose to smash with an ice ax and a battering ram?

“Hey guys,” Rachel shouts into a foghorn from outside the room where the protesters (and other FBI informants?) are standing, “I was in the other room – listen to me – in the other room, on the other side of this door, right here, where these feet are standing, there is a pane of glass, which if someone – and if it is broken, you can go down to a room below “. Sounds like details that only someone with specific knowledge of the Capitol would know.

Ms Powell went on to give specific details about the room which should raise several red flags, “There are also two doors in the other room. One at the back and one on the right. How could Rachel know there are doors in the other room from her position outside the Capitol?

Look :

Leftists on social media begged and pleaded with the January 6 Witch Hunt Committee to call Rachel Powell to testify before the committee, but like Ray Epps, the committee and the dishonest media who were all in on Rachel Powell’s story initially, lost interest in one of January 6’s most prominent “insurgents.”

According to Ronan Farrow’s article in the new yorker as of February 21, 2021, Rachel Powell did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. “I wasn’t part of a conspiracy — organized, whatever,” she told The New Yorker. “I don’t have a military background. […], I am a mother with eight children. That’s all. I work. And I garden. And I raise chickens. And I sell cheese at a farmers market. Although she didn’t support Trump in 2016, she suddenly became a fan of his in 2020.

According to the Pittsburg Post Gazette, Ms Powell gave the interview to Ronan Farrow while the FBI was “looking for him.” Who gives an interview to a top reporter when the FBI is looking for him?

Ms Rochlin also recounted how Ms Powell left her children unattended at home to travel to Washington that day and later gave an interview to The New Yorker as the FBI searched for her.

The New Yorker, Vice and CNN, all of which ran incriminating stories about Ms Powell following Jan. 6, dropped her story altogether.

The only update regarding Ms Powell’s case appeared on the local channel KDH2 and in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on June 7, 2022, where Ms Powell is said to be seeking the removal of her electronic bracelet pending trial, arguing that house arrest is “burdensome” and “affects her work and family obligations”.

Regarding Ms. Powell’s current living arrangements, Ms. Rochlin said that Ms. Powell had sought and received approval from the Pre-Trial Services office for her current address “despite the lack of space for all her children “. She also noted that Ms Powell does not have full custody of the children; their primary residence is with their father. The children are only near Mrs. Powell when they come to visit her.

It is hard to argue that the judge allowed Ms Powell to stay home to help care for her children, given that she does not have full custody of them.

Why this woman, with no history of violence and who, until 2020, had no interest in supporting Donald Trump on Capitol Hill with an ice ax and a battering ram? How could she share such intricate details about the Capitol’s layout with people inside? And why is the media no longer interested in his story? Should someone ask Ray Epps if he knows Rachel Powell?

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