The left is calling for the 4th of July to be cancelled…flying and burning American flags because babies can’t be killed in some states. – The Informant.

The left is calling for the 4th of July to be cancelled…flying and burning American flags because babies can’t be killed in some states.

Published on 26.6.2022

When Americans were forced to accept an experimental COVID shot as a condition to serve the nation in the US military, keep a job or go to college, the left celebrated iron-fisted dictators like Gretchen Whitmer , Governor of Michigan, Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, and Andrew Cuomo, former Governor of New York, who, with their lawless attorneys general, enforced the illegal warrants in their states. So it’s curious that after the nation’s highest court overturned Roe vs. Wade yesterday the left is leading a campaign to erase the 4th of July because ‘America doesn’t deserve a holiday to celebrate its freedom and independence [des suzerains de l’Angleterre] if they are going to take it away from its own citizens”.

Tweet translation:

“I will not be celebrating the 4th of July this year, or any other year to date.

America doesn’t deserve a party to celebrate its freedom and independence if it wants to take it away from its own citizens. »

The most important issue for these left-wing crazies living in America isn’t gas prices, open borders, or a looming recession, but rather how many states can legally kill babies?

Here is the heartbreaking photo of an aborted baby. The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe Vs. Wade simply gives states the ability to decide whether babies can be legally killed. If babies can’t be killed in every state, the Democrats and their violent leftist allies refuse to celebrate our nation’s independence from England.

Tendency : WHO IS RACHEL POWELL? She used an ice ax and a battering ram to smash the windows of the Capitol on January 6…She gave the people inside specific instructions on how to navigate a confusing layout…Why is she under house arrest? [VIDÉO]

Here are some of the comments from Americans who have fallen victim to decades of revision of America’s history by a radicalized national teachers’ union that has taught them that America is not great and that it is is a mark of honor to “spit” on the American flag or to “burn” it.

Translation of Tweets:

“The 4th of July is canceled there is nothing to be proud of in this country. »

We spit on American flags on this July 4th.

This 4th of July, I’ll do the same thing I’ve done every year for ten years: sit inside, drink wine and read a book with my earplugs in my ears bc fuck this country.

Fuck July 4th. Independence day is a joke. So does the Pledge of Allegiance, and I don’t get up at sporting events anymore because it’s not the land of the free or the home of the brave. BYE.

This leftist asks people to burn a flag and commit a crime:
Burn an American flag this 4th of July.
(Weirdly Tweeter doesn’t censor anything here with so much hate? Did you say Weird??)

Bonus points if you stole it.

Here is the Twitter profile of “Pot Luck” who joins Democrats across America in bullying and threatening anyone who disagrees with their pro-abortion views. This person identifies as a “genderfluid transfeminine divine demon” who loves BLM and carries the ANTIFA rallying cry “ACAB” (All Cops Are Bastards) and “your personal Antichrist”.

This person could have written a lesson plan for one of the radicalized teachers that taxpayer money funds every day:

The 4th of July is coming, so here is a reminder that this country was founded on racism and oppression and continues to oppress and deny basic human rights every fucking day. But no, enjoy your little ass shorts with the American flag and your red, white and blue hot dogs.

It wouldn’t be a thread of comments on virtually any topic without leftist domestic terrorists making threats against people who hold opposing views to their own:

I hope I don’t see any of you celebrating the 4th of July this year. This country, and I say this with all my chest, really sucks.

Pray for our nations…

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