Spanish Nasams anti-aircraft missile systems have been deployed to protect the Baltic region, according to the Latvian National Armed Forces. – The Informant.

Spanish Nasams anti-aircraft missile systems have been deployed to protect the Baltic region, according to the Latvian National Armed Forces.

Published on 26.6.2022

With NATO in the past two days, Russia has had to deal with an escalation of the situation with Lithuania, due to the rail blockage of the food supply from Kaliningrad to the Russian ally, Belarus, via the corridor by Suwalki.

As we explained in this article here: Lithuania: Small presentation of the enclave of Kaliningrad. Russia is right, with the stupid game of VILNIUS, the EU and NATO not respecting any treaty, then will the third world war be triggered by the enclave of Kaliningrad, Explanation?

The United States publicly supports Lithuania, and NATO countries provide troops along the Russian border in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Over the past two days, Russia has repeatedly warned that if the blockade is not lifted, it will have to resort to “non-diplomatic solutions”.

So, is something going on here? Absolutely, and we should all pay attention. One misstep and this proxy war could turn into something entirely different.

Everything is set for an all-out war against Russia.

Latvia was allowed to use the military abroad at its discretion. Parliament passed a law according to which the armed forces of the country can participate in military conflicts abroad, if the Ministry of Defense so decides.

Previously, the ministry had advised Latvians to stock up on water and food in the event of a crisis.

Danish soldiers rushed into Latvia to contain Putin: Reports log “We’re running out of everything from ammunition to underwear” – article in Denmark’s leading publication

The Danish army, which was transferred to Latvia after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, is currently going through a very difficult period in terms of support – it lacks, according to it, the most necessary.

“We don’t even have enough pants, what about ammunition. This is the saddest period of my life. And I haven’t seen anything in 20 years of service,” one of the fighters told DR reporters.

Journalists have noticed that in Latvia soldiers have to live in old moldy tents. Such living conditions, according to the soldiers themselves, have a negative impact on the level of their training.

“As a result, the level of training drops. It can cost me and others their lives,” the military added.

350 Danish soldiers were redeployed to Latvia in early May. Their task was to help defend the country in case Russia decided to attack Latvia.

Hmmm… Do they think 350 Danish soldiers without underpants will be able to hold off the Russian army?

But here it is, if and only if a war is officially declared by Russia against another country, and this is not the case, because V. Putin always said that it was a special operation in the Donbass and in Ukraine, but it is NATO since the beginning which seeks war, see confrontation and uses the word “Invasion”, “War”, etc… so what is the difference? Lhas here below:

It’s very interesting…

The United Nations Charter gives Russia the right to eradicate Nazism in other countries, including militarily‼️

The Charter of the United Nations, in Articles 106 and 107, entitles the victors of World War II; the USSR, the United States, Great Britain and China to take measures (including military) against the countries that fought against them, in order to stop actions aimed at justifying Nazism or revising the results of World War II.

It suffices to notify the other three winning countries, without it being necessary to obtain their consent.

Russia, legal successor of the USSR, can also coerce by force the countries which want to revise the Yalta-Potsdam system in Europe.

Russia can suppress attempts to revive Nazism in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, as well as in Latvia, Estonia, in Lithuania, thanks to the “friendship and cooperation” they had with the Third Reich.

According to experts, these countries could include modern Ukraine, which accepts as its predecessor the military and political formations of the OUN-UPA, created by Ukrainian fascists, and publicly honors as heroes the anti-Soviet guerrillas who fought for preserve the fascist order after the end of World War II.


So why does NATO seek direct confrontation now if this text explains it so well??

Because it is not a war, but their war of financial interests in Ukraine with especially the Biden Family with the corrupt pseudo European leaders then the mega corrupt Zelensky and the fall of the Kazar. They have lost a lot with him and want their return on investment through a real war waged at the expense of global taxpayers, the people of the world must understand this.

V. Putin has always been right and in this fight, he leads two or even three at the same time:

  • Eradicate “Nazism”.
  • Stop the “new world order”.
  • Eradicate the “Kazars” from the land.

And for the record: A member of the Russian Duma proposed to withdraw recognition of the independence of three other countries: Ukraine, Estonia and Latvia. According to Russian media

“We have just started with Lithuania. And one understands why: Lithuania is more dangerous for the Russian Federation with regard to the situation connected with the Kaliningrad region and the confrontation with NATO and the United States. And when the mechanism has been developed, we will implement it in other NATO territories. And not just NATO.

For example, Ukraine also illegally left the USSR”. Said Fedorov.

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