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Investigation into trafficking in abortions and human fetuses

Posted on 28.02.2021 by Lauzarel:

“Thank you to him for this immense work of accumulated evidence in order to show the world what these people are capable of who we cannot call Humans, but really Satanists to kill and make money on children, thank you for these valuable information that really now needs to make us react, because it is urgent, otherwise we will all become satanic and cannibalistic without wanting it, because they take the human into their system without us realizing it.

Fetus trafficking for large industries and by eugenics measures!

You will understand the real usefulness of the American Planned Parenthood (PFA) after reading a famous quote from its founder, Margaret Sanger: “The most merciful thing a family can do to one of its young children is to kill. » Result of several eugenics projects orchestrated by the powerful? Application of the plan of the New Order of the Barbarians? Of the Secret Pact? Why not.

Things begin to become clearer when you learn that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won the “Margaret Sanger” award in 2009. She recently described sales of pre-orders of aborted fetal parts planning as a “good thing” and its campaign manager Warren Buffet was recognized as the largest donor to this non-profit organization called American Eugenics Society before being called American Planned Parenthood.

So let’s get to the heart of the matter :

Throughout this investigation, we will follow the path of a pregnant woman who falls into the clutches of the PFA. She checks her baby’s state of health, thinks about abortion, doubts, and finally aborts, omitting:
— to check whether his private data is indeed subject to medical secrecy,
— and to fight to verify that Respect and Ethics will indeed be the priority of the people who operated it. These people who are supposed to be at his service to autopsy and return the ashes to him or bury his aborted baby.

What about?

In terms of workload, family planning seems to be completely overwhelmed or there is a bone, because according to several testimonies, there are abortion quotas per year, per month, and even per day with a bonus for abortionists who reach the quotas. One could conclude that abortion tends towards industry…

The normal procedure for an abortion is to induce heart failure in the fetus with a drug called Digoxin, cut it in the uterus and extract it: the reality of things is far more terrible than that.

After watching many videos shot with a hidden camera and testimonials on the subject, here is what we can remember:

The normal abortion procedures are not carried out. Abortion can be induced by creating false complications that lead to an abortion being recommended to fulfill quotas. Products such as Misoprostal, in high doses, cause forced labor and Misoprostol, another product, softens the cervix as in a full-term pregnancy. Partial births are performed on live and late babies. Under the pretext of control ultrasounds these can be used as an opportunity to visualize and return the baby to be aborted with forceps!

We come to ask ourselves the question: does the PFA direct mothers towards illegal procedures so as to preserve the integrity of the fetuses or even to try to obtain fetuses that are still alive? The answer is yes, and mainly for organ trafficking. A dirty business that begins with the resale of organs taken from fetuses most often alive, their hearts still beating, tortured and cut up alive or at least viable and left for dead if there is no “pre- ordered “. Sworn testimonies report crimes against women and infants by PFA abortionists.

Investigation into trafficking in abortions and human fetuses: CONTINUED

Let’s go back to the origins of abortion:

If one wonders about what is said in the Secret Pact: “for all these reasons, their children will be stillborn, and we will hide this information”, that one is interested in the passage: “The tax-financed abortion as population control” (1969), written in The New Order of the Barbarians, that one takes into account that several “models of sterilization” were carried out as early as 1890, and the pressures that have been exercised to make abortion legal and simple in terms of procedures, something is starting to take shape.

Abortion is simply wanted, organized, necessary for those who have praised it, with a purpose: Family Planning. It is actually funded for the most part by taxpayers. This regularization of births (family planning is very regularly located closer to disadvantaged neighborhoods) and the hidden reasons that multiply miscarriages, all of this could only be an application of purely eugenic plans.

You will find attached to this article a complete diagram with clickable links which lead to the sources. This diagram starts from the beginning of the creation of American Family Planning, explains the excesses of abortions, as well as what can happen to aborted fetuses and specifies the workings of the laboratories which are in the front line of organ trafficking. These laboratories have, for example, a considerable impact on the cosmetics industry, vaccines, medicines and even on food.

Of all these traffics, especially localized in the United States, I specify it, we can all the same retain some rare fights which succeeded: after the prosecutor of the Orange committee denounced laboratories accused of illegally selling parts of fetuses aborted (DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics) have agreed to close down permanently and pay $8 million in damages.

What about in France?

Like this question that we could ask ourselves: Are there aborted fetuses in the food industry? Everything concerning the subject of fetal trafficking in France is completely opaque, taboo, very little documented. The only two cases revealed by the media in 2006 are those of the Parisian hospitals of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and Saint-Antoine. There are: frequent delays in the autopsy reports of aborted babies (sometimes more than four years old!), the storage of 1,367 fetuses in mortuary chambers, sometimes eviscerated, in bags filled with formaldehyde or kept under unworthy…

Even if this does not confirm the disastrous practices of American Family Planning, you will understand that the chances that such trafficking also exists in France are strong.

We will end this survey with a very strong link between eugenic ideology and abortion: the Bio-Ethics law (in reality neither Bio nor Ethics) passed this July 31, 2020 in the greatest discretion at 3 a.m., real law almighty who wants to generalize a fact yet very old who wants to extend this monstrous process to any age of gestation: in 1966 as you will see in the attached diagram, cell lines were produced by laboratories. To achieve these lines they had to perform abortions that are normally illegal, but authorized by derogation for exceptional cases: infanticide having a “psychiatric reason” as its cause. A fallacious concept that allows appropriate deviations to develop without limits the traffic mentioned above.

It is difficult in France to imagine that such excesses are possible. They are however sufficiently documented in the USA so that one can no longer doubt the veracity of the facts. It’s up to you to meditate on all this, maybe you’ll feel the urge to unravel the secret of the country in which you are, to make the necessary links with the United States and to reveal in broad daylight these hidden traffics which push each day our world towards the abyss.

Explanation in interactive PDF document.

This is how the process is defined by the system that we must expose all simply by refusing to participate in their product purchases, this is how we can prevent them from making money on the death of children conceived specifically either under the coerced by young girls or baby factories, etc. In short refuse this and everything will crumble.

Please note this document below is very well done, and in order to properly view this PDF we advise you to download it then open it and enlarge it, you can click on it because it is interactive with a direct link to the sources, or else you can see the 33 PDF pages below below the sources, very well done and very instructive, beware certain images may be shocking, sensitive souls abstain.

Here is the complete PDF of the sources in a single pdf with a cover page to see the pdf alone or separated, see the following pages.

To see the PDFs in detail follow on the following pages, and you will find the explanations of the sources on all the following PDFs.

Here are 33 following PDFs regarding the article, continued on the following pages.

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Continuation of the PDFs concerning the article, the continuation on the following pages.

Continuation on the following pages, explanation of the sources by PDF

Continuation of the PDFs concerning the article, the continuation on the following pages.

Continuation on the following pages, explanation of the sources by PDF

Continuation of the PDFs concerning the article, the continuation on the following pages.

Continuation on the following pages, explanation of the sources by PDF

Continuation and end of the PDFs concerning the article.

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