Small presentation of the enclave of Kaliningrad. Russia is right, with the stupid game of VILNIUS, the EU and NATO not respecting any treaty, so will the third world war be triggered by the enclave of Kaliningrad, Explanation? – The Informant.

Small presentation of the enclave of Kaliningrad. Russia is right, with the stupid game of VILNIUS, the EU and NATO not respecting any treaty, so will the third world war be triggered by the enclave of Kaliningrad, Explanation?

Published on 25.6.2022


Lithuania expects Russia to disconnect it from the regional electricity grid in response to the blocking of Russian freight rail transport to the Kaliningrad region, reports the Reuters news agency.

This was announced to a major German publication by the President of Lithuania. He added that a military confrontation with Russia is unlikely.

Indeed, no war for the moment. But the Vilnius Chihuahua wanting to play, it could be that already without Russian gas, he now finds himself without electricity. Now the EU is crazy about Lithuania so they can suffer.

Europe can sacrifice a piece of Lithuania to avoid a Third World War, said Mikhail Samus, a Ukrainian expert at the Army’s Center for Research, Conversion and Disarmament.

According to him, Russia could decide to attack Lithuania in order to occupy the Suwalki corridor (between Belarus and Kaliningrad).

The Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus have repeatedly worked to capture the Suwalki Corridor during the “Western” exercises.

In the event of such an offensive, NATO countries “could take the position of sacrificing part of Lithuania, giving Russia a corridor… and not allow an escalation towards a third world war”, believes Samus.

Earlier, Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki expressed the view that Russia would not dare to use force in the area of ​​the Suwalki Corridor due to the aggravation of the situation with the transit from Lithuania to Kaliningrad, although the vulnerability of the site is undeniable.

The Pentagon spokesman demanded that Lithuania be expelled from NATO.

US Army General Robert Jefferson believes that due to the blockade of the Kaliningrad region by Vilnius, the world could face a veritable Third World War.

In his opinion, Lithuania’s rights in the North Atlantic Alliance should be suspended, such provocative antics will inevitably lead Washington to war with Moscow.

“Lithuania provokes Russia and puts it in a position where even a small, undecided state would think of a military solution to the situation, what can we say about a power like Russia. Do we want to be destroyed because of little Lithuania? Of course not ! “.

War in Ukraine: Die for Kaliningrad? Vincent Hervouët gives us his view on international news. This Wednesday, he returns to the sanctions applied by Lithuania against Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave located between Lithuania and Poland.

Russia: Kaliningrad, Putin’s enclave

The ex-Russian president deplores the poor quality of the current European leaders
Modern ‘puny technocrats’ are no match for the giants of yesteryear who knew what responsibility was, says
Dmitry Medvedev.

So Russia warns against an “undiplomatic” response to the blockade of Kaliningrad and the Russian Foreign Ministry has threatened to respond to transit restrictions imposed on Kaliningrad by Lithuania by “practical” and “non-diplomatic” measuresreports the Jerusalem Post.

Over the past week, Lithuania banned the rail transit of various goods to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, located in the far west of the countryin order to comply with EU sanctions on products such as coal, advanced technologies, metals and building materials.

“As for response measures, possible measures are currently being worked out in an interdepartmental format,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told state news agency TASS. ” Lithuania and the EU, through their diplomatic missions in Moscow, have been informed that such actions are inadmissible and that the measures taken must be modified and the situation must return to a legal and legitimate course. If this is not done, then, of course, and this has been stressed at all levels in Moscow, retaliatory actions will be inevitable. »

“On the question of what they will be… Will they be exclusively diplomatic? [La] answer is no. They will not be on the diplomatic level, but on the practical level“, she added.

The EU enforcement measure implemented from Vilnius marks a complete break with a treaty that has been in force for three decades

Arrival of the Steregushchiy-class Mercury corvette in Baltiysk, Kaliningrad, June 21, 2022.

Her pennant number suggests she is a corvette attached to the Baltic Fleet (53X/5XX). But this could be temporary for passing ships whose final home port is not Baltiysk.

It’s clear ?

“Russia’s response to the European Union in the situation with Kaliningrad will not be diplomatic,” declared Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

A bit of history and geography : Where is Kaliningrad and what is the Suwalki Corridor?

The governor of Kaliningrad, Mr. Alikhanov, has already asked the Russian federal authorities to prepare retaliatory measures against Lithuania following the transit ban.

The Russian enclave of Kaliningrad: a geopolitical and cultural originality at the heart of the European Union?

The westernmost city in Russia is Kaliningrad. It stands at the edge of the Baltic Sea and is the oldest Koenigsberg Germany, homeland of the philosopher Kant, confiscated by the USSR at the end of the Second World War then kept by Russia after the break-up of the USSR in 1991 and from which it is separated by Lithuania and Latvia.

Indeed, this region has historically and culturally nothing Lithuanian unlike the region surrounding it to the east. Also, during the independence of Lithuania in 1991, it seemed absurd to attribute this territory to Lithuania which would have been simpler on the map: it is therefore an integral part of the territory of the Republic of Russia from which it is distant of about 400 km.

The enclaves/exclaves in the World

These enclave/exclave situations exist elsewhere in the world (although quite rarely) and always for historical reasons: Gambia inserted in Senegal resulting from the partition of Africa after the Berlin Conference in 1885 (see the article on Senegal and its borders), the exclave of Cabinda which belongs to Angola (a former Portuguese colony) (see the article Angola, an example of the take-off of a southern African country doped by oil?) and is stuck in a coastal position between the 2 Congo, the former French Congo and the former Belgian Congo; the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in Morocco; the British enclave of Gibraltar in Spain… (see the article The Strait of Gibraltar, a strategic passage: some elements of location and explanation)

In all these cases a border is present and its crossing is often facilitated for local residents who cannot live otherwise than by having peaceful relations with their neighbours. In other extreme cases the border is blocked, for example for the Gaza Strip (Gaza Strip: small zoom on both sides of the border?)

The center of Kaliningrad on the edge of the Pregolia, with the lighthouse, old buildings (restored from the German era), modern buildings and the dome of the “new synagogue” inaugurated in 2018 (built in 1900, it had been destroyed during Kristallnacht in November 1938 and it was rebuilt identically)

At the end of the Second World War, the German populations who still lived in the region were moved to Germany and replaced by Russian populations who form the current population of this enclave of Kaliningrad comprising a just under a million inhabitants for 15,000 km². But the population has been growing significantly since the end of the USSR and seems to be benefiting from a major economic boom. The city of Kaliningrad itself counts approximately 475,000 inhabitants.


Kaliningrad: the new stadium built for the 2018 football world cup on an island located between the 2 arms of the Pregolia (this river which flows into the Baltic a few kilometers downstream). We are located in a low and marshy region. In the background, the 2 towers of the thermal (gas) power plant built after the collapse of the USSR to ensure the energy independence of this enclave which today seems to be experiencing a significant economic growth linked to its common borders with Poland and Lithuania, both in the European Union.

The city is located at about 800 km as the crow flies southwest of St. Petersburg, a city which is reached by successively crossing Lithuania then Latvia, two former Soviet republics now integrated into the European Union. There are 5 trains a week which take about 27 hours! If you’re in a hurry, it’s 4 hours by plane (including the metro to get to the airport), by car it takes about 14 hours, because the journey is a little longer (about 950 km).

We then understand that this region poorly connected to the country to which it belongs (Russia) seems to live more in contact with its close neighbors – who are both in the European Union and are more prosperous, Poland in the West, Lithuania in the North and to the East.

This can be found on Google maps when we observe the border posts with these neighboring countries: we discover an enclave of Russia which seems much more modern, developed and also touristic than many cities in the interior of Russia. (see the article Football World Cup and geography of European Russia where I described the 11 Russian cities chosen to host matches).

Koenigsberg, an old German town since the 13th century (1255), recovered by the USSR in 1945

Koenigsberg Cathedral, built in the 14th century, was restored between 1990 and 2008 (after the break-up of the USSR) and the opening of borders. It is the first building to be rebuilt in the city marking the rebirth of this region

It was a Catholic cathedral until 1519 and then became Lutheran until 1945.

The same cathedral in 1982: it had been destroyed at the end of the Second World War and left in ruins (since there were no longer any Lutheran worshipers in the area)
The mausoleum, adjoining the cathedral where the tomb of philosopher Emmanuel Kant (1724-1804) is located (completed in 1924 for the bicentenary of the birth of the philosopher)

These different images show the importance of the German cultural past, which has now been well rehabilitated and which makes Kaliningrad, but also the capitals of the Baltic States, cities that are now tourist destinations, popular with Europeans.

The Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Kaliningrad opened by President Putin in 2006 (its golden domes are taller than the rebuilt Lutheran cathedral)

We will leave it there for this short presentation of the enclave of Kaliningrad, it would be interesting at the same time to make a small geography of our new European partners which are the 3 Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) (this will come…)

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