My Youtube Channel Was Attacked By UFOvni2012 Channel And Taken Down Permanently. UFO Sighting News.

My Youtube Channel Was Attacked By UFOvni2012 Channel And Taken Down Permanently. UFO Sighting News.

Hey all, bad news, this may be my last post. I was attacked today by Youtube channel UFOvni2012 in an attempt to remove his competition and thus allow him to get into world news. Eric Giavedoni and his endless harassment, bullying, hate attacks on me seem to have won.

Screenshot of some of his complaints below…saying my account is disable by Youtube. 

It all started when I saw a discovery he stole from me which got into world news…that didn’t bother me so much…but then I noticed that right below his video, in the comment section he copy pasted my words as his own, word for word, the entire post minus my signature. That hurt guys, that is just wrong, I asked him to take it down, he ignored me, I reported him, then he emailed me and said if I don’t remove it, he will give me many copyright strikes and delete my account. I thought that sounded extreme, but after two strikes from I’m a few hours later I took down my videos, except for my website, which he went to and filed 6 more copyrights against me falsely. 

Now the copyrights are things that say “I found this on Twitter before Scott therefore its mine.” Yeah he really said that. And Youtube has an auto strike feature where if you protest it, Youtube wont even read the protest at all. Ive gone ingnored by them for a month…this all started last month when UFOvni2012 hit me with two strikes. 

Now I responded to Youtube and emailed youtube, and even went to the CEO of Youtube Susan Wojcicki facebook page to ask for help because of his bullying and harassment, however she never responded to me. Being a CEO, she probably has no time for such small things as this.

Him and I have emailed back and forth since 2013 and its all been friendly, but the guy flipped out, and just went all out attack on destroying me. Here are a few emails in one of my email accounts from him. But in Jan of 2022 UFOvni2012 bought 140,000 additional subscribers on his Youtube account, and no longer liked me, but saw me as the competition.

All I can do now is wait and see. I don’t want to fill myself with hate. I just don’t want to be that person. I have been attacked by hundreds of other UFO researchers over the last two decades, but never like this. I just don’t know what to think. 

All in all, it is what it is, and I may just take a long vacation from this for a little bit even if Team Youtube brings back my channel. I just don’t have time for stuff like this, my life is stressful enough without people I don’t know attacking, bullying and harassing me. 

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan 



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