For those unfamiliar with ASE and abusive placements, here is a very clear explanation. Why and how are children placed at the ASE? What are their living conditions? Why do ASE services chase the parents of children in care? – The Informant.

For those unfamiliar with ASE and abusive investments, here is a very clear explanation. Why and how are children placed at the ASE? What are their living conditions? Why do ASE services chase the parents of children in care?

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Published on 25.6.2022

The ASE is a national criminal organization official set up to provide your children with pedophile networks when they can, and believe us, a lot of children disappear from the radars of these organizations. Here is a testimonial among thousands of others that you can find on the net, this one really touched us by the editing and the way that ESAit is entangled in making it wrong while losing in court year after year the date since 2011, until today the fight of Ziya Dali must be known and publicized by all to bring down these satanists and their corrupt system.

The Association’s website Give Us Our Children, who fights against the abusive placement of children by the ASE giving orders to the judges with their criminal accomplices, aims to:

  • To inform the general public about the criminal suffering that WE undergo, AGAINST OUR RIGHT.
  • To support parents and children placed, abusively interned, our compatriots, present and future, the future friends of your children, to you not victims.
  • In order to get our children back.
  • To punish the culprits and to change the criminal laws.

Read sure make our children .org what ASE does.

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Ziya Dali testifies in favor of foster children. Child welfare (ESA) which became a child trafficking network in France. Listen to his testimony here.


On June 26, 2022, pyramid No. 3 will be dedicated to all victims of breach of trust, abuse of weakness and trafficking of all kinds, settled in child welfare services (ASE). Lawyers, elected officials, authors, whistleblowers, associations and victims of the ASE, meet in colloquium at MANOU (28240). Each participant will testify to their experiences and findings related to ESA.

None of us can imagine that in 2022, the services of the ASE remain without contradictor and without control, to spend 8.5 billion euros of public money, and to detain approximately 300,000 children placed, isolated and defenseless.

That tens of thousands of children are torn from their families in France every year, in the name of their best interest and because of the easy money that these children bring in to the leaders of the ASE services.

Placed children are isolated, dressed in poor recovery clothes, they do not have enough to eat, they are often infested with parasites and they lack urgent medical care. The money intended for their daily lives (7500 € per month) is plundered by the leaders of the ASE or spent to corrupt lawyers, maintain networks of influence and organized fraud.

When they come of age, 70% of the children in care leave the ASE, without any diploma or qualification and 40% of them spend the rest of their lives in psychiatric hospitals or become homeless and homeless.

This result seems to have gone unnoticed in France for several decades. Come many. Placed children need to be supported and protected by citizens

Our symposium takes place in pyramid No. 3, built in an old meadow of 4 hectares in the town of MANOU (28240), 6 km from Senonches (28) (shared picnic). Sylvie Castro, the organizer of this event and her team have planned everything to welcome you in the best conditions.

Ziyadali HEYDARI: 06 95 12 61 25 source

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Ziyadali’s wife, 20 years younger, fled with their children who were subsequently placed. Listened to his intervention on Europe 1 in the program ” the Free Antenna with Olivier Delacroix » of 25.6.2022 11 p.m.

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This invitation is also given to the child welfare services (ASE), its subcontractor, “UFSE de l’Aigle (61)” and to the courts that deal with my children’s case.

I ask the authorities concerned to organize a visit with my 2 boys, during this exceptional artistic event, after our 7 years of absolute separations.

For all information concerning the placements of my 2 boys, at the origin of this artistic event, see:

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70% of former ASE residents have no diploma or qualification.

40% of them spend the rest of their lives in psychiatric hospitals or become homeless and homeless.

Without counting the money from public collections and rackets from parents by “the SERVICES D’ACCUEIL FAMILIAL DE NORMANDIE” among others, where do the €7,500 per month go, paid by the state services to raise each child in care?

Placed children are not able to claim their rights.

For the parents who claim their placed child, it is difficult to survive the slander, the provocations, the abuse of power and the incessant legal harassment by the services of the ASE.

Today, foster children are not protected anywhere in our country.

When we observe the directors of the schools that take in foster children, we are entitled to claim that these directors of public schools prefer to obtain “a place in a foster family” for their loved ones, rather than being interested in the suffering and the future of children placed in their schools.

My children have had no visitation rights with their father since 2015, while I have no social, health or legal problems. All the video testimonials that I have published on my YouTube channel “ziya dali” show the attachment of my children to their father.

As long as civil society and every citizen are not interested in children who are “victims of the accidents of life”, these children will continue to remain invisible and inaudible and will continue to suffer the worst violence and sometimes commit it before our eyes.

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Here are various videos where he explains to you year after year what is happening with the ASE. His YouTube channel here


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Ziyadali HEYDARI started this petition to Nicole Belloubet (Former Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice) and 3 others

A family conflict, a temporary health problem, etc., becomes the reason for the temporary placements of your children.

The entry of children into child welfare services (ASE) triggers procedures that make their exit unlikely.

The psychologists of the ASE invent symptoms of a sexual nature for you, the educators attribute remarks to your children aimed at confirming the allegations of the psychologist. The management of the ASE makes “reports of children in danger” just before each hearing of the children’s judge. You are subject to constant slander, social, legal and financial harassment which is pushing you to commit suicide or abandon your children.

Your children circulate under coats, and suffer violence and abuse of all kinds. They bring in €8,000 per month, paid for by taxpayers, in addition to collections and sometimes rackets organized by the ASE at their expense.

Your children will be put on the street when they turn 18, without diplomas or qualifications and will spend the rest of their lives in psychiatric hospitals or will become homeless and tramps, or very often they will start a family and at the slightest problem, their children will be placed.

My 2 boys are placed at the ASE in June 2011 for 4 months as part of a divorce. At the time they were one and three years old. It is September 2020, not only have my children still not returned home, but also I have not had any visitation rights with them since 2015. Besides, I have no social, health or social problems. Justice

Each year, nearly 400,000 children are placed in France. Accept the facts? Or act?

My petition:

My youtube channel ” : Youtube

Twitter: Twitter

Facebook : Facebook

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