Breaking news, ANTIFA ‘Give up the Court’ rioters invade the Supreme Court building. – The Informant.

Breaking News: ‘Give Up the Court’ ANTIFA rioters invade the Supreme Court building.

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Summary and history of this as a whole:

It starts again as with G. Floyd, or other nonsense fabricated from scratch, and as always, the organizations of G. Soros continue their dirty work of destroying life, always financed by its Open Society, BLM, Antifa, etc. All to distract you from real life and make you no longer understand the main foundation of humanity, but rather enslave the plan of Davos, and the globalists who are “the massive depopulation of the peoples of the World”. human fetal trafficking, Adrenochrome, and the trade in all his organs or child sacrifices made by these satanists. Inversion of values, LGBT, etc. everything to prevent natural reproduction, which God gave us and designed for this, only counts for these crazy Luciferians, eugenicists, the rapes organized by their armies of migrants or other drug addicts, ISIS, Nazi, etc. all confused, transsexuals, Homosexuality, vaccines, etc. They encouraged you to do this, but they’ve been doing it ever since with the younger ones in school, they’ve taken our kids hostage with it to turn them into a depraved army for their sacrifice pedophile rings. Sexuality is like religion, it is a personal matter and should not be exposed to everyone’s eyes, everyone must experience it personally. Why then all this? Always the same ultimate goal which is depopulation as quickly as possible and prevent natural reproduction. All this while going through the black market of children in human trafficking for LGBT people in Ukraine, or in the tunnels looking for “DUMBS in the USA”. This is well organized intellectually, they condition you under MK Ultra television programs, they use your credulity, your naivety in order to make you feel guilty and then force you to have an abortion or other sexual acts of transformation, all for your good, as always!! (Then with the ASE in France or another organization which will divert your children for all the reasons in the world, which they will have organized, (over-indebtedness, single mother without money, insalubrity, etc. All the organized excuses) in order to feed pedophile networks or others as explained here). Everything is organized each time around this with the children, because the human body is only a very, very lucrative business for them, but is above all intended first and foremost to feed Satan in all these sacrifices of suffering. Indirectly, if you accept this, you are part of their plans, their sacrifices, their networks or other desired inversions of values, then you have thus sold your soul to the Devil and regardless of the initial explanation because they will always have been fomented by their well-organized systems put in place since “eternally”. Go back to the source to understand their manipulations, make your intuition work, your feelings if it is not too altered by their chemistry, Chemtrails, Aluminum, Barnum, etc…

Published on 25.6.2022

Washington DC braces for chaos as night falls. Across the country, protesters are taking to the streets to express their anger over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V Wade and thereby guarantee access to abortions.

Some fear riots similar to those in the summer of 2020 could ensue with Scot’s latest decision. On Friday night, Rep. Boebert tweeted that there were brick pallets a block from the House offices, drawing the attention of Capitol police.

After Judge Clarence Thomas revealed he believed the Court should also review gay marriage laws, protesters gathered around his home. The demonstrators waved flags, held up signs and shouted “My body, my choice! and “Reproductive rights = human rights”.

Antifa groups joined the protests shouting “Give up the court”.

There are serious concerns about the safety of Supreme Court justices as protesters grow increasingly inflamed. On June 16, Joe Biden signed the Supreme Court Police Parity Act, which provides security for the immediate families of the nine justices and other court officers. Although many argue that gathering in protest around the home of a Supreme Court justice is already a violation of the law, as it is seeking to intimidate and influence a judge.

Everyone is rushing to join the conversation, from Disney who said they would cover the cost of employees who have to travel to access abortions, to Patagonia who said they would cover bail fees. employees who take part in the demonstrations.

D. Trump Welcomes Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe v. Trump Wade and says that this decision “will benefit everyone”.

But many are hoping the chaos will calm down and people will address the issue of abortion at the state level. When President Trump was asked how his pro-choice supporters would react, he replied to Fox News: “I think ultimately it’s something that’s going to work for everyone. “It brings everything back to the states where it always belonged.”

Asked about his role in Friday’s groundbreaking decision, and the appointment of three conservative high court judges, who all voted to overturn Roe V Wade, Donald Trump didn’t take credit instead simply saying “God made the decision. »

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To better understand abortion, watch the shocking video below: Images of first trimester abortions.

WARNING: The following video contains images that may be shocking and disturbing. Viewer discretion recommended.

It’s abortion.

This video is not nice, but it must be seen.
Thousands of innocent unborn children are torn to pieces every day in the United States and around the world because most people simply don’t know what abortion does and what it is.

With the exception of the final scene (a second-trimester fetus), all of the videos you’ll see show children who were killed in first-trimester abortions. »


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