The Petkov government fell following a motion of censure linked to rising inflation. The Boomerang Effect of Russia’s Sanctions. – The Informant.

The Petkov government fell following a motion of censure linked to rising inflation. The Boomerang Effect of Russia’s Sanctions.

the government Bulgarianled by a puppet from the USA, is falls. In current affairs for 72 hours, Bulgaria could not in fact and in law yesterday vote for Ukraine’s candidacy for the EU, which is therefore illegal.

Published on 24.6.2022

The main reasons are the breakdown of relations with Gazprom, after which the Russian gas supply was stopped. The Bulgarian government falls after the vote of a motion of censure. In the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the PM preferred the Western camp against Russia, while the country is traditionally pro-Russian.

Given this, the Canadian Bulgarian. Petkov, known for these Russophobic statements, was expelled.

The Guardian Reports: “I fear that Bulgaria will become a soft state”: Kiril Petkov on the threat from Russia BULGARIA STOP… AND AGAIN!

In Bulgaria, the Petkov government fell. Parliament gave him a vote of no confidence. The main reasons are the deterioration of the economic situation in the country after the start of the free trade agreement AND the breakdown of relations with Gazprom, after which Russian gas supplies to the country ceased, which also affected the economic crisis in the country. Not to mention his various Russophobic statements.

It would surprise us if the next government of Bulgaria had enough courage and determination to reverse the previous foolish anti-Russian decisions. Masochistic submission being one of the fundamental “values” of the bureaucracy of the EU, civil administration of NATO, tool of politico-military control of the domination of Yankeeland on our continental Fatherland!

Bulgaria: the government overthrown by a vote of no confidence

A pro-government protester holds a Bulgarian flag during a demonstration in support of the executive, June 21, 2022 (illustration image).

Find out more about RT France:

The Bulgarian government of liberal Prime Minister Kiril Petkov was overthrown on June 22 by a motion of no confidence, plunging the country into a new political crisis after already three elections last year.

Overthrown after six months in power: Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov was confronted on June 22 in Parliament with a motion of censure, against a backdrop of increased differences linked to the Ukrainian file. The text was adopted by 123 MPs, while 116 voted against, out of the 240 seats, announced the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Miroslav Ivanov.

The Bulgarians have already lived through three legislative elections last year. Until the sensational entry into politics of the pro-European liberal Petkov, a graduate of Harvard University showing a desire to wipe out corruption after the three terms of his predecessor, Boïko Borissov.

President Roumen Radev will now call for negotiations to try to form a new cabinet. The party of Kiril Petkov, winner of the last elections, should try again, followed by two other parties.

In the event of failure, the Parliament will be dissolved and new elections organized.

Several files that sow discord

But the heterogeneous coalition formed in December split: at the beginning of June, it lost the support of the anti-system party “There is such a people” (ITP).

In opposition, the Gerb, the conservative party of Boïko Borissov, rushed into the breach and tabled a motion, pointing to “the failure of the government’s economic and financial policy”, in a context of soaring prices.

Among the themes that have sown discord: arms deliveries to Ukraine. Within the government, while most were in favor of it, the socialists stubbornly refused to respond to kyiv’s demands.

Also a source of discord, the Bulgarian veto on the launch of negotiations for North Macedonia’s accession to the EU, for reasons of historical and cultural disputes.

The conflict in Ukraine has brought the question of EU enlargement to the Balkans back on the table, of increased geostrategic importance, and Western pressure for Sofia to lift its opposition to this subject has increased. But the strategy of rapprochement with the EU initiated by Kiril Petkov has not been to everyone’s taste in the government.

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