The people of Europe should pay the price for EU sanctions against Russia. – The Informant.

The people of Europe should pay the price for EU sanctions against Russia.

Published on 24.6.2022

The European Union will ultimately lose out by following the example of the United States in the Ukraine crisis, while normal citizens across Europe will pay the price for the sanctions imposed as a result of the conflict, according to the executive director of the International Office of Peace Reiner Braun on Monday.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen speaks from Brussels, Belgium, February 22, 2022.

In an interview with China Media Group in Berlin, Reiner Braun noted that it was the expansionist moves of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and its failure to accommodate Russia’s security concerns that sparked the initial eruption of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in late February.

NATO has never accepted Russia’s security interests, they only believe in it when they look at their own security interests, that’s enough. They can march east, they can expand and expand NATO east to the Russian border, and they have never considered Russian security interests. This is a key point of the crisis in Ukraine“said the executive director of one of the oldest international peace federations in the world.

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After the outbreak of the conflict, the European Union (EU) imposed successive rounds of sanctions on Russia. The decision, however, now comes down to biting the citizens of the EU itself, Braun warned.

Specifically, gas bills for an average family of three in Germany could soar by as much as 2,000 euros this year compared to last, according to some estimates.

Arbitrarily imposing sanctions on Moscow will backfire and only hurt the people of Europe, Braun said.

The loser of the sanctions is our own people. They suffer, [cela cause] suffering to our people who have no idea how they can survive the winter, if it’s cold or if they can afford it (their heating bills). So to me the sanctions are totally stupid” , did he declare.

Braun also believes that in the course of managing the conflict, the EU will lose more of its independence as it acts in accordance with US motives and policies.

The European Union is a big loser in this conflict in Ukraine. Now, with the war in Ukraine and all its consequences, the militarization, the sending of new weapons to Ukraine, the European Union is totally following the directives of the policy of the United States. . And it will more independently kill Europe. It is also absolutely contrary to the political, economic, ecological and social interests of the European Union.“Braun said.


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