COVID Shots Will Put You In Hospital! – British Medical Journal!

One British Medical Journal shared that the COVID-19 vaccines are more likely to put people in hospital.

It’s better for you to catch the virus than to take the vaccine against it. The C-19 can do smaller damage to your body than the experimental shots, called vaccines.

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Dr. Peter Doshi and colleagues have analyzed data from the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine trials and realized that the shots are more likely to hospitalize you with severe side effects.

The pre-print focuses on severe side events highlighted in a WHO-endorsed “priority list of potential adverse events relevant to COVID-19 vaccines”.

Serious side effects are:

  • death;
  • life-threatening at the time of the event;
  • inpatient hospitalization or prolongation of existing hospitalization;
  • persistent or significant disability/incapacity;
  • a congenital anomaly/birth defect;
  • a medically important event based on medical judgment.


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