The MYSTERY Of Hellenikon! Greek Pyramid Predates Ancient Egypt! [WATCH]

Josh Sigurdson reported on the Pyramid of Hellenikon near Argos, Greece, and Nafplio, a pyramid older than any of those in Egypt. According to thermoluminescent dating technology, it predates classical Greece for thousands of years and has close ties to ancient Egypt.

This pyramid would be the oldest in the world if you listen to and believe the conventional age of the Great Pyramids and the textbooks on archaeology.

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However, the claimed age of the pyramid is controversial.

Initially, it was built around 400BC in the 1930s, but many academics are against the most recent technological dating by Ioannis Lititz.

Mary Lefkowitz and A. Sampson deny the findings that say the stricture is too advanced to be built earlier than 400BC. So, it doesn’t correspond to their unwavering view of the age of ancient civilizations, and it can’t be older than the 1930s and 1980s.

Many claim that the building acted as a guard tower or a place to share smoke signals, but still, there isn’t any evidence of this!

One ancient Greek traveler, Pausanias, stated it may have been a burial site.

Another interesting fact to share is how close it is to Argos (the oldest constantly inhabited city known to man) and Nafplio (the port of Argos); these are said to have been founded by Egyptians in an early epoch.

Watch the video below and hear the truth!



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