Russia on two fronts now, in addition to Ukraine, the Americans are starting over in Syria, that’s why they are diverting weapons through Ukraine to supply them to terrorist mercenaries there. – The Informant.

Russia on two fronts now, in addition to Ukraine, the Americans are starting over in Syria, that’s why they are diverting weapons through Ukraine to supply them to terrorist mercenaries there.

Published on 20.6.2022

Syria is ready to recognize the independence of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad has said his country is ready to recognize the independence of the DPR, said the coordinator of the State Duma and SAR parliamentary liaison group, Dmitry Sablin.

In addition to Ukraine, the Americans are starting over in Syria, that’s why they are diverting arms through Ukraine to supply them to terrorist mercenaries there, but Russia is watching and is therefore deploying on two fronts. Because they have nothing to do in Syria, it’s a free country, they want oil, let them ask Zelinsky for it, they don’t have a mandate to the UNthey have nothing, they are only invaders, but V. Poutine takes care of the grain.

Russia conducts operations against the US coalition and strikes US bases. US fears two-power conflict – WSJ

Read also why arms trafficking: France: E. Macron international arms trafficker and faithful to his “at the same time” but “Macron is in Ukraine to preserve peace” with 18 Caesar guns, almost a quarter of the stock of the French army, delivered to the ‘Ukraine.

The United States is concerned about Russia’s actions in Syria because “a miscalculation can escalate into conflict.” Russian aerospace forces attack facilities where Americans are, writes the Wall Street Journal.

In June, the Russian military carried out a series of operations against the US-led coalition in Syria, including one this week at a strategic base in southern SAR near the border with Jordan. where the Americans are training local fighters. Said the WSJ to the Pentagon.

In the sights of the Ka-52: Special forces blocked a column of the American army in Syria

“Alligator” Ka-52 observes how in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Mansef, at a road post, fighters of the 54th regiment of the special forces of the Syrian armed forces blocked and forced a column of the American army consisting of 5 units of MRAP and a pick-up escorting the Syrian Democratic Forces to return to the base of Tell-Baydar. “Americans should not be in Syria! – say the Arab fighters.

Russia attacks US-backed fighters in Syria at US outpost.

The OP displays the WSJ which headlines that the Russian escalation in Syria risks leading to direct conflict with the United States, which it most certainly does. A CIA man told us that Syria would follow Ukraine and here we are:

“Yes, we are close. I’m surprised this hasn’t been triggered before now. What the Russians found in the labs in Ukraine was devastating. The war in Ukraine is over, now we have Syria.

The Anons want to know what’s going on with Israel.

Israel puts Damascus airport out of service: another war to fear? Read more here

“Israel and Iran will be at war soon enough. It had to happen and where it is going. Expect massive death and destruction on a biblical level. Syria has always been the beginning of the end. Now the Russians know that the United States is worthless and this knowledge will be used by Russia and China. We are in the 7 years of destruction and the whole world will fill with anger”.

Syria is definitely the kickoff.

The moment special forces captured the top ISIS commander this morning in northern Syria.

An Iranian plot foiled? Another Iranian plane was detained in South America
Venezuelan Plane That Belonged To Iranian Revolutionary Guard Company Detained In Bolivia – Case Comes After Another Plane From The Same Company Was Detained In Argentina And Its Crew Members Arrested!

[Amir Tsarfati , 16/06/2022 08:08]

Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian MFA: The kyiv regime continues to recruit foreign mercenaries as the Ukrainian armed forces lose fighters. They recruited over 6,500 “soldiers of fortune”. At the beginning of June, the number of foreign mercenaries was halved.

Yet efforts to recruit mercenaries and “volunteers” continue unabated, primarily targeting Afghan refugees and remnants of ISIS fighters in Syria. These people have probably found new and fertile ground for their hateful ideology. Private military contractors from the United States and Britain helped select these fighters and send them to Ukraine. However, there was no question of sanctioning them in any way.

The West has a double objective: to help Vladimir Zelensky, while getting rid of its own extremists and radicals.

What flawed logic. These fighters will return home having gained great combat experience.

Announcement effect, lie or reality to still cover direct engagements in Syria?

Coalition forces arrested a senior Daesh leader during an operation in Syria on June 16,” Operation Inherent Resolve said in a statement. “The detained individual was assessed as an experienced bomb-maker and facilitator who became one of the group’s top leaders in Syria.”

The US-led coalition successfully carried out Operation Canary which led to the capture of a high-ranking ISIS member, in northern Syria.

The operation was carried out in the early hours of the morning at least 6 -7 US coalition helicopters were used in the raid, the raid was carried out in the Turkish occupied village of Al-Humayrah, west of Jarabalus.

American jets provided air cover, but did not carry out airstrikes. After the entry of the coalition forces, an exchange of fire took place and resulted in the capture of a high-ranking member of ISIS.

Syria, North Aleppo.

Report from the Zaytoun agency: International coalition warplanes that entered the airspace of the Jarabulus area, east of Aleppo, carried out a landing operation on the house of a family in the village of Qarqwi al -Arab, west of the city of al-Ghandoura.

Their correspondent, on the authority of civilian sources, confirmed that the targeted family was tied up with ropes and that one of their sons disappeared without anyone knowing what happened to him until day

US helicopters carrying US special forces soldiers landed in the same area, before killing ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al Kuraishi in Atmeh, Idlib.

Six helicopters, warplanes and drones have reportedly been used in this operation in northern Syria so far. Turkish militants linked to ISIS reportedly fired on US planes, but did not shoot them down. Probable operation for ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

The United States sent an indirect warning to Turkey by carrying out this raid in northern Syria in a village occupied by Turkish forces, saying that Turkey continues to harbor ISIS leaders.

Also look very carefully at the wordings in the statement released by the coalition, working closely with our partners, the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (the Kurds).

Turkey is determined to launch a fourth operation in northern Syria and liberate key towns controlled by the Kurds, an ally of the United States.

It will be a sight to watch if Turkey gives the green light to begin the operation in northern Syria in the coming days.

Who wanted to prevent a conference for peace in Syria?

Daily power cuts, lack of public lighting, lack of energy, gasoline and diesel, no heating, lack of food, raw materials, medicine and basic necessities, such is the oppression which the Syrian people are undergoing because of the sanctions with which France is unfortunately associated. Read more here

The Truth About the Ukranian Revolution, US-Backed Nazis!

Canal+ document, Special Investigation: How the USA staged a coup in Ukraine with the help of Neo-Nazi parties in order to separate this country and Europe from the Russian zone of influence. The Ukrainian revolution which overthrew the elected Ukrainian government was not spontaneous and popular.

The United States is ready for all alliances in order to come to an end and destabilize their adversaries; as with the neo-Nazis in Ukraine and the Islamists of Daesh in Syria and Iraq.

Syria: SitRep 125 with Ayssar Midani (June 10, 2022)

In the program :

  • Bashar Al-Assad’s interview with RT
  • Israel and Turkey continue illegal military operations in Syria and Iraq
  • Iran nuclear talks halted following IAEA director’s visit to Israel.
  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov prevented by the West from reaching Serbia by plane.
  • The US is trying to exclude China from its supply chain

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