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Why is the focus on veterinary laboratories?

Published on 19.6.2022

Why is the focus on veterinary laboratories?

For those wondering why veterinary facilities are so important and why Russia seems to be targeting them, it is because it is in veterinary facilities that “defensive” pathogens become biological weapons.

The United States asserts that the creation of C19 and other dangerous pathogens does not fall under the “production of offensive biological weapons”. They claim that the gain from function research is “peaceful”. But when they introduce this pathogen into a vector, for example an animal, with the intention of carrying this pathogen, the animal vector and the pathogen become a “weapon”.

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The same goes for spray cans attached to drones, used to remotely disperse airborne water particles that could contain pathogens. As soon as you introduce a means of administering these pathogens, it technically becomes a weapon within the meaning of the BWC (Biological Weapons Convention).

Think of all the biological activity related to animals:

  • The main target of the Russian military was a veterinary laboratory in Mariupol, Ukraine.

The Russian military moves into Nicaragua, where there is a US-funded BSL-3 veterinary laboratory.

  • Fauci uses beagles as mannequins for his research on flybite transmission.
  • The Gates Foundation releases genetically modified mosquitoes.
  • CDC monkeys carrying dangerous pathogens escape to Pennsylvania.
  • Dangerous animal research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
  • Monkeypox epidemic carried by rats and prairie dogs.

Russia accuses the United States of using migratory birds to transmit pathogens to Ukraine and Russia.

  • The American DARPA “Insect Allies” program is a biological program aimed at equipping insect armies with “peaceful” pathogens to “save” crops and agriculture.

So many cases of government use of animals as vectors of disease. And these accusations from Russia are not so secret. Even the leftist media talked about it.

Our lovely friends at Vice wrote this piece last March about the “crazy conspiracy” Russia is promoting that the United States is using migratory birds to spread disease and cause famines by destroying crops.

Don’t forget that Vice also wrote an article claiming that there were no biological laboratories in Ukraine and that it was a crazy conspiracy. They said the same thing about Hunter Biden’s cell phone…

Looks like everything they call a conspiracy theory is turning out to be true. Imagine that.

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