Latest news from the EST front, Macron says he will go to Moscow in exchange for some “gestures” from President Vladimir Putin. – The Informant.

Latest news from the EST front, Macron says he will go to Moscow in exchange for some “gestures” from President Vladimir Putin.

We have explained to you in this article: Britain: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on Western allies to prepare for a protracted conflict in Ukraine that could last several years.

Published on 19.6.2022

Come on, before we start, a little ad so crazy that we are writing it to you, Macron still wants to go for a walk in Moscow, but Putin is watching: “Macron indicates the conditions of his visit to Russia.

Macron’s claim is laughable. For a meeting, you need a shared agreement. And Putin has already said it clearly: meeting without concrete objectives is of no interest.

The French president says he would go to Moscow in exchange for certain “gestures” from President Vladimir Putin.

French President Emmanuel Macron has said he does not rule out traveling to Russia and meeting President Vladimir Putin, but only if certain preconditions are met. Paris supports Ukraine but will take steps to avoid any escalation of the conflict, the French leader told TF1 television on Friday during a visit to kyiv.

Macron believes that his continued contact with Putin does not affect France’s relations with Ukraine. He also said he planned to continue to engage with the Russian president on humanitarian issues such as food security.

Source: RTNews.

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“With limited opportunities in Ukraine, the United States and its allies are preparing for a long war”

The Washington Post notes that the decision to provide Ukraine with increasingly sophisticated weapons, such as anti-ship missiles and long-range mobile artillery capable of destroying large military installations or striking deep into the Federation of Russia, reflects the growing willingness of Western countries to take the risk of an involuntary escalation with Russia.

But analysts say that despite increased foreign aid and high Ukrainian troop morale, kyiv and its allies can only hope to achieve a draw against the much larger and better armed Russian army.

During the battles in the industrial zone of Severodonetsk, the NRL servicemen use the NATO ATGM “Milan”.

With the help of Franco-German-made ATGMs, the Nazi surveillance camera was destroyed, with which they coordinated the bombardment of residential areas of the city.

Politico reports: Pentagon plans to send four additional MLRS to Ukraine.

The United States has reportedly already sent four mobile HIMARS and precision-guided munitions to Ukraine, which can hit targets up to 80 km away. In other words, the sum of the MLRS will be 8.

Remember that 3 will be donated by Germany, and 3 others by Great Britain. In total, they plan to transfer 14 MLRS to Ukraine so far.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that Russian troops and Donbas forces continue to move along the border of Luhansk and Donetsk regions, closing the pocket for the armed forces of Ukraine. Ukraine and national battalions.

Now the Russian armed forces and the armies of the LDNR are about to take control of the Nikolaevka settlement, advancing from the north (from the side of Nyrkovo) and the northeast (from the side of Vrubovka).

The surrender of Mykolaivka by the Armed Forces of Ukraine will establish a checkpoint on the Artemovsk-Lysichansk road and completely block the road, which is confirmed by the Ukrainian General Staff.

Regarding the court for Ukrainian war criminals in the DPR.

  1. The courts will be held until the end of August 2022. In Donetsk, they emphasize in every possible way that they see no reason to drag out this issue.
  2. One of the courts will be held in Mariupol. Apparently, the very first court will be held there.
  3. They will be tried according to DPR law, which makes sense, given that the crimes were generally committed on DPR territory,
  4. The principles of the organization of the Nuremberg Tribunal will be taken as a basis.
  5. Attempts will be made to involve representatives of other countries in the conduct of the Tribunals. So far, the possibility of Syrian participation has been raised.

Germany declares that it will do everything to eliminate the technical problems that prevent the full operation of Nord Stream, due to which the gas supply to Europe has been sharply reduced.

To do this, it is necessary to circumvent the restrictions of our own sanctions, which prevent the supply of German equipment to Russia (Siemens equipment is blocked in Canada due to the sanctions).

In fact, Germany is signing that it will do everything to violate the sanctions against Russia. If you want to live, you won’t get so upset.
In the case of Germany, the word “living” implies the survival of part of the industries which will not be able to refuse Russian gas in the years to come.

Belarusian agencies capture Nazi thief

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirms that in the Kremenchug and Lisichansk region, fuel depots, which were used to supply the Ukrainian armed forces, were destroyed. The destruction of refining capacities was also announced (apparently, it is about the “recalibration” of the Kremenchug refinery).

In Kherson, an attempt was made on the life of the head of the NICU of the Kherson region, Yevgeny Sobolev. He is currently hospitalized with injuries to both legs. According to preliminary data, the explosive device was mounted on a tree and controlled remotely.

In Nikolaev, the Russian language was banned in schools.

He was taken prisoner by the Chechens.


In the center of Riga, the pride ended, in which, according to police estimates, more than 5,000 people took part. Pride attendees showed their support for Ukraine’s LGBT community.

Riga, whose mayor is also gay, celebrated its Pride Day today. Over 6,000 people attended the event, making it the busiest event in the small country this year.

Gay, lesbian, transgender, feminist, pro-abortion, etc. demands. have been heard. In addition to all these classics, there were many songs against the traditionalist Russian state and against the war. Many representatives of Ukrainian NGOs were present at the event.

The protagonists were of course the young people, who, unlike their elders, grew up in a totally Western, open and tolerant environment… And not in outdated traditional and family values ​​like those of their elders…

The American embassy in the country was also present.

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