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Is Biden more dangerous than Trump for world security?

Published on 15.6.2022 by Roland Lombardi RT

With Joe Biden, tensions between Russia and the United States are stronger than during the Cold War and exacerbated with the conflict in Ukraine. Why is the Democratic administration so hawkish on Russia?

In my latest book, Have we reached the end of the story? (VA Éditions, 2021), I explained why, greatly surpassing Reagan and even Nixon, Donald Trump was the most hated and decried American president by Western Intelligentsias and the media mainstream. His rough, crude, aggressive “populist” style was expertly crafted. A real “dog in a game of skittles” shaking up all the political and diplomatic codes, which greatly shocked the well-meaning elites. But the former tenant of the White House was perhaps the most “independent” and “anti-system” president in American history. His relentless fight against political correctness as well as his own powerful establishment, against winds and tides or rather against hurricanes and tsunamis, and while keeping his electoral promises (very rare these days…), made all the popularity of this extraordinary and non-professional politician with “peripheral America” . Thus, Trump has been blithely underestimated. He was neither a “madman” nor a “clown” as many wanted to describe him to us. Admittedly, he was an ignoramus in international relations, but he was far from being an idiot! One does not reach the head of the first power in the world by being a sinister imbecile! The former businessman from New York, connected to reality, excelled in the art of negotiation and the assessment of power relations. A good manager (in the American style of course), he knew how to surround himself very well. He was also a pure realist. A nationalist certainly, but a non-interventionist who no longer wanted the United States to spend crazy sums to interfere in world affairs and most often play sorcerer’s apprentice as we have seen in recent decades.

Prisoner of no oath of allegiance and being at the service of no one, it is also surely the total freedom and the megalomania of the billionaire president which pushed him to do nothing like his predecessors and to shatter all the old rules in order to go down in history, while maintaining its popularity with a large part of Americans who are victims of globalization and tired of their nation being the “policeman of the world”. Whether we like it or not, the facts speak for themselves. The former president was thus the first American leader, for a long time, not to have triggered any major conflict in the world. Also forgotten is Korea, its military disengagement from the Middle East and especially the Abraham Accords, this historic peace agreement signed between Israel and four Arab countries and which would never have seen the light of day without pressure from Trump. Some have won the Nobel Peace Prize for less! Trump’s great advantage has therefore been to understand, for the West, the great geopolitical challenges of tomorrow. What makes all the difference with Biden and his administration…

Biden more dangerous than Trump?

And yet, relieved by the defeat of the sulphurous president, Western governments and media had welcomed Biden’s victory in an almost orgasmic way… However, with the return to control of the Democrats and the “idealists” in Washington, the old anti-Russian strategy ” brzezinskian” the most virulent and diplomatic tensions, unprecedented even during the Cold War, are experiencing a disturbing resurgence between Russia and the United States, with Ukraine as the main theater. For some American ideologues, Putin’s Russia is the perfect bogeyman, much less powerful and dangerous than China… For others, perhaps more influential, Russia is the best way to divert attention from the American public opinion of domestic problems… Or better, pressure against China which, through its predatory finance, has for several years held the majority of Western economies hostage and has already made its way through many relays of influence and useful debtors within the mysteries of Western politics… Napoleon said: “Money has no country; the financiers have no patriotism and no decency; their sole objective is gain.” Thus, certain powerful lobbies and supporters of Biden, for questions of simple conflicts of personal interest with Beijing (among others such as the GAFAM for Chinese rare metals), no longer want a continuation of the great war. economic with the Middle Empire initiated by Trump…

With the war in Ukraine and its positions, Washington is, in the short term, the big winner of this conflict, since the Americans have managed to separate Russians and Europeans for a long time, reactivate NATO and intensify the sale of their armaments and their shale gas to Europe. However, in the long term, this American anti-Russian policy is, from a strictly objective point of view, totally absurd. Because for the United States, the only and true power which threatens its world supremacy (but also Europe) in the economy, the trade, the influence and the military, is China, and not Russia. And on the contrary, a sensible American strategy would have been logically a partnership, even an alliance with Russia against China. Trump, his pragmatic generals and above all his shrewd Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, (genuine “Mazarinand architect of the former president’s foreign policy) understood this very well. This is why they had tried, despite the blocking of the American Deep State, to normalize relations with Putin, in line with Kissinger’s old and effective strategy, aimed at always separating Beijing and Moscow. And above all, they had embarked on an unprecedented major trade war against China. “War” which was beginning to bear fruit with the “historic” agreement signed with China in January 2020 and in which the Europeans refused to participate… Instead, the pressures and series of past trade sanctions and current ones against Moscow have only pushed Russia further and further into the arms of China. In this conflict, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is of course reprehensible. But without minimizing Moscow’s responsibilities and as Henry Kissinger and Hubert Védrine, among others, remind us, we must not lose sight of the fact that the responsibility for the situation also lies largely with the policy of the West and NATO in recent years and especially for a year with the Biden administration. The question of whether those responsible for wars are not those who start them, or rather those who made them inevitable, is more relevant than ever. Who were the real arsonists? Because it is obvious, nothing has been done seriously to avoid this war on the side of the West.

On the contrary… With the EU’s policy of maximum sanctions, without any real serious diplomatic initiatives and dictated by Washington, the divorce between Russia and Europe will be profound. Moreover, the latter, by a boomerang effect and not having recovered from the pandemic, will pay the heaviest economic, social and human consequences… For the moment, NATO and the United States seem content with wanting to make Ukraine a new Afghanistan for the Russians, by massively supporting the Ukrainian army by ostensibly sending arms, intelligence and “advisers”… However, some, the most dangerous Western warmongers, those who love war with the blood of others, still and clearly want to drag us into an open conflict with Russia! An operation under a “false flag” is always possible and then there… So how would the former American president have reacted to this crisis? His favorite posture of themad dogand his legendary unpredictability might have deterred the Russians. Be that as it may, even if the Russian operation had finally taken place, Trump, much less manipulable and malleable than a Biden (whom some say is senile), would certainly not have yielded to pressure from the various anti-Russian lobbies. as well as to the current hysteria and “humanitarian-warmongering drift” (Hadrien Desuin) for the beautiful eyes of a Zelensky whom he despised! It is certain that Trump would have favored diplomacy. . History also teaches us that uncertain and fragile economic situations often push governments to find an outlet for their internal problems through adventures abroad…

Roland Lombardi


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