“If it’s not pedophilia, it’s certainly close…”. – The Informant.

Tucker Carlson has been a hit with his show and he attacks Biden’s deviant behavior with his daughter who has become a sex addict: “If it’s not pedophilia, it’s certainly close to it…”.

We have explained to you in this article: USA: Tucker Carlson, opens his show on Ashley, President Biden’s daughter who wrote that her father was sexually inappropriate with her when she was a little girl, she mentions in the newspaper, showers with her father.

As we said, if about 20% of the population knew about the diary entry ofAshley Biden all this time, so Tucker Carlson had to finally wake up the remaining 80% who learned it in a way that can’t be ignored for the needle to finally start moving. Like it or not, this is how it works:

People who have closely followed the Biden family corruption scandals have known for more than two years thatAshley Biden spoke in her diary of the showers she took with her father.

But here is the brutal truth.

Published on 19.6.2022

Tucker-Carlson denounces the use of the FBI as Biden’s personal police force to investigate his diary.

Tucker-Carlson criticized Joe Biden for his sexually questionable behavior and his use of the FBI as a personal investigator.

Tucker-Carlsonof the Fox network, attacked Joe Biden for his history of sexually predatory and deviant behavior, including with his daughter, and for using the FBI as a personal police force in non-criminal investigations.

Joe Biden, just like his son Hunter, has a history of sexually deviant and troublesome behavior. Countless videos and images of Biden groping and sniffing young girls have been circulating the internet for over a decade. Several allegations of sexual misconduct, even rape, have also been made against Joe Biden over the years.

Tara Reade, a former aide to Joe Biden when he was a senator, accused him in 2020 of raping her in 1993.

Tendency : USA: Joe Biden crashes on a bicycle in front of a small crowd of supporters in Delaware [VIDÉO]

Tucker-Carlson calls attention to this point by criticizing Joe Biden for his inappropriate and predatory behavior and by criticizing the left as a whole for his hypocrisy towards the #MeToo movement and the slogan “believe all women”. Of course, when it’s a conservative like President Trump or Judge Kavanaugh who is accused, they believe the accuser, but in cases of their own like Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, they go after the victim. .

“To be clear, Joe Biden has not just – in recent years – been accused of making women feel uncomfortable; he was charged with rape. Remember, Terry Reade, a former Biden aide – who we probably didn’t take seriously enough – claimed that when she was 29, Joe Biden pinned her against a wall. She was immediately attacked by Democratic supporters – “You are a liar! because actually they don’t believe all the women,” he said. “But then a contemporary phone call that Tara Reade’s mother made on the Larry King show corroborated the fact that happened. She said her daughter left Washington because of the actions of a ‘prominent senator’. At the time, the media either buried the story or laughed it off. Now Biden has promised to be more ‘careful’ – and that’s it. »

However, Biden’s story goes back further than with victim Tara Reade in 1993

In the allegedly stolen “Diary of Hell” fromAshley Biden, the latter alleges that her sexually addictive lifestyle may have started at home as a child, being “sexualized” by an unnamed family member and taking showers, at an unknown age, with her father, what she describes as “probably not appropriate. »

carlson highlights the fact that “little children don’t take showers, they take baths” and that she was obviously old enough to remember and be influenced by the experience of bathing with her father.

Tucker on Biden’s new allegations: “If it’s not paedophilia, it’s certainly close enough to warrant a visit from the police. »

“If it’s not paedophilia, it’s definitely close enough to warrant a visit from the police.” Carlson concludes before addressing the curious role of the FBI in the diary investigation.

He then explains the origin of the diary, found by a Florida woman in a halfway house and sold to Project Veritas for $40,000.

The FBI initially claimed that the diary was stolen, although “we now know that the FBI knew that this diary was not stolen and it was not”. explains Carlson. What if it had been stolen? Having a stolen diary is not a federal crime. What was so important about this diary that Joe Biden sent FBI agents to retrieve it? In what world is the alleged theft of a diary being investigated by the FBI? he continues.

The FBI is outside of its jurisdiction in its ‘investigation’ of the diary, and it’s being used because those involved in the diary’s appearance ’embarrassed Joe Biden and revealed some very dark secrets to the world’ , concludes Tucker.

This is, of course, not the only case of the Democrats using the FBI as their private police, as they did the same when they investigated President Trump over bogus Russian allegations, and they use currently the FBI to illegally imprison January 6 protesters. That includes the recent arrest of Michigan gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley, who has since received a boost in the polls.

“Why didn’t you punish the Russian oligarch Elena Baturina who did business with your son? »

BIDEN: confused look

Reminder: Hunter Biden received $3.5 million for her in 2014.

Soon the deliverance of all these crazy people…

“Do only the Anons understand what is about to be unleashed? –Q

Everything has been said for a long time, listen to the Captain below, for those who doubt again and again everything is very well explained.

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